Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Recent Media on Scientology.

Iv'e been avidly reading Tony Ortega's reports on the 'Top 25 People Crippling Scientology'.It's made interesting reading with plenty of facts and some amusing quips with regards the continuing story of Scientology's relentless disregard for the human race.

There were times when I wondered just where he was going with this saga, but was more than pleasantly surprised of his number one hit.The number one person crippling Scientology is L. Ron Hubbard and quite rightly so. After all if it wasn't for him, none of us would be here.Number three is Marty Rathbun and number two is David Miscavige, now there's a surprise.What a threesome!

Tony Ortega has done many articles on Scientology over the years and all can be read at the Village Voice, at 'Running Scared'.As always the comment section is highly entertaining.God, I think the Scientologists might have one thing right, I need a life.

Now for something out of this world,when L. Ron Hubbard said 'he was not from this world', his followers believed him.I remember back on the ship he said "one day we'd be up in space, a new civilization, clearing planets".I wonder how many jet propelled engines this spaceship's got?

I love this line at the bottom of the celebrity photo's.

Devotees: Tom Cruise opens a Church of Scientology in Madrid, Spain, while John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston are both committed members.

And the best comment on this news item:

Before I comment on this one, I'm speaking to my solicitor by I smell a rat,la la land.

The Daily has been talking to ex student's of a Scientology run boarding school and shows just how far Scientology has gained a thresh hold into 'wog' life. For those of you who don't know what I mean by that derogatory term, it's what Scientologist's call anyone who is not a scientologist.

Here's Jeff Hawkins talking about the 'wog world'.

Csige said this includes quizzing students who yawn or have blank looks on their faces — both giveaways, according to L. Ron Hubbard’s notions, of a dreaded “misunderstood word.”

The consequences of a “misunderstood” can be grueling, Csige said. Students suspected of not fully grasping every word that they’ve spoken, read or heard can be subjected to a “method 3” questioning, he said. When this happens, “you have to read aloud, and if you pause and hesitate, you have to look [the word] up. And if you pause or hesitate again, you have to look up every word in the definition. It once took me three days to go through two and a half pages. They ask you the definition of ‘the,’ and I didn’t know what the precise definition of ‘the’ was.”

This is something I remember only too well, how do you define 'the', especially when you are a ten year old kid.Try and clay demo that! I found it impossible.'It' and 'and' were also impossible concepts to put into a clay demonstration.Never the less, it was required before you could progress.Fortunately for me, I became a Commodore's Messenger and no longer attended school on the ship, on reflection, this was extremely fortunate for I dread to think what might have happened to me had I continually not been able to clay demo simple little words.

All of these news items are brought to you by Sponge on the most devoted media person on Scientology I know.

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