Tuesday, 20 September 2011

International Association of Scientoilogists event at St. Hill Manor.14/10/2011

This was the 2007 IAS event:

This was in 2008:
The Sussex Air Ambulance Service is a registered charity which provides Helicopter Emergency Medical Service and air ambulance service to Sussex, Kent and Surrey counties. Attending an average of four incidents every day, Sussex Air Ambulance is funded entirely by voluntary donations and provides a team of highly skilled doctors, paramedics and nurses. Responding swiftly to 999 calls and flying at over 150 miles per hour, the Ambulance can reach any part of Sussex within 15 minutes and can transport patients to the nearest major hospital or specialist unit in a fraction of the time taken by land ambulance.

The Chief Executive Mr. Dave Philpott and Sussex Air Ambulance staff and crew, were invited up on to the stage to accept the check from Ms Preston and Mr. Bob Keenan, Director of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation. The money raised will go towards the many hundreds of life-saving missions carried out by the Sussex Air Ambulance team every year. "That will enable us to save 50 lives, so you should all be proud of yourselves," said Delaine Shearman, Sussex County Fundraiser for the charity. David Philpott, Chief Executive, on accepting the check, told the audience what a vital service Sussex Air Ambulance offers in that they can reach any part of Sussex within 15 minutes.

Bush Tech:

Drown them out with noise tech:

This was 2009:

Then we have 2010:

(Free Press Release) November 1, 2010 -- East Grinstead, UK, November 01, 2010 -- On Sunday evening, October 17th, the annual Gala Charity Concert was staged at Saint Hill, home of L. Ron Hubbard and headquarters for the Church of Scientology UK.( http://www.scientology.org.uk ) The charities chosen to benefit from this year’s concert were the East Grinstead Museum, the Mayor of Crowborough's Charity, and the British Engineerium Trust.
Around 1,500 were in attendance, including Mayors, District Council Chairmen, Town Councillors, and community leaders from all over the South of England. In addition, guests flew in specially from all over Europe and as far away as the United States.

Now we have 2011, what amazing tech are we going to come up with this year?

Hosting the event is Anne Archer, yet again, this year she will be giving a speech on the way to bring up children Scientology style, just the way L. Ron Hubbard would have wanted.
I present to you, Tommy Davis:



  1. Holy shit! What is your problem? You must be very anxious to get some benefits from Scientology otherwise you would just shrug and get on with your life. Your obsession with it should tell you something about yourself. This blog is all about yourself! Don't you see that? You toil, apparently, and there is something you really, really want but you think you can't get, or something like that. Hang up you hang-ups, Herby Hancock wrote, but first one has to know what one's hang-ups are. So, tell someone your hang-ups, then you know for yourself, too, and can get rid of them. That's how I do it.

  2. I'll tell you what my problem is Douglas.There are good people in the world who do good things in the world like raising money for an important cause, and then there are others, like the scientologists who pretend to be doing good in the world by raising money for an important cause but are in fact only doing so in order to try and gain prestige amongst society. Scientology will never gain prestige now, because it has ruined too many lives,ripped off too many people, committed too many human rights and abuses and spends it's time trying to find recognition as a bonafide religion, which it will never be.

    Instead of focusing on this one post, try reading some of the others if you dare, you will find out it isn't all about me. It is in fact all about a host of different people whom have all been abused in some form or another by Scientology.

    I went to the IAS event yesterday and one thing that really gets to me is all the children I saw go into St. Hill. This blog is here, and I am here because I do not want children to have to go through what I and many others went through. That being a lifetime of forced disconnection from one's family because scientology does not believe in family.L. Ron Hubbard drove his own son to suicide and many other kids. Can you handle that?

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  4. Thank you Dr.Kataria, may you never be fooled by the volunteer ministers that spread scientology in your country.