Friday, 29 April 2011

Secret Lives.

Stopping the Hate Campaign
"No single person or organization can stop the Scientologists." Kisser said but she added that the recent national media coverage might have offered clue to what will work.
"Using the national media to educate and networking among professional groups they go after--mental health, law enforcement education, social service agencies, -- that would, if these groups share information, expert witnesses, former Scientology members' testimonies about criminal activity in that organization, I think the group could not stand up to a united legal, ethical stand by organizations."
West also emphasized the impor tance of educating the public as well as mental health and legal professionals He called for more judges who, under standing how people's judgment is a fected by auditing. would be willing to grant short-term conservatorships for concerned families. He also said law yers need to file more cases for those who invested and lost their money to Scientologists claiming they could cure them of mental problems.
Scientology must begin to lose legal cases such as these, he said. That would stop them.

"It was important for Hubbard to teach people to fear psychiatry .,.it you make them afraid ...even if they escape the abuser, they won't go to a psychiatrist for help because they believe they are worse abusers. l think thats crucial to Scientologists-

Missing in Happy Valley.

Put this documentary on board the Apollo in 1967/1968/1969 and you have Scientology in the good old days with L. Ron Hubbard. The only thing that changed was they were able to spread themselves further around the world.

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