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The Sea Org continued................

Otto Roos was a prominant sea org officer back in the day and whilst I remember him for his blatant disreguard of Hubbard's orders not to be disturbed, it seems Markabians and Smersh were on his mind also.

Later he wanted the additional processes compiled which were then held up "on lines" and not gotten through to him.
One night I just got up, bypassed the Messengers, walked into his Office and stated the need for them. He told me to sit down, and that night, early '69 (I think), the 1st expanded triple grades were written with LRH on one side of the table and me on the other, both writing all night long. That is how these HCOB's first came into being.

I was overboarded the next day by MSH for "bypassing".

There were other such like things. Off the "beaten track", often in OT or "Para Scn" fields, like with the "Angels of the Moon" and other weirdies. I think that my early this life time track and superlative training in both tech and policy must have made him consider me "James Bond" material.
He himself, gathering from his tales about him and his brother, their searches for gold, his treasures buried in Rhodesia last life time, his handling of Marcabians who, he said, still came around in UFO's to mine this planet for gold, etc. appeared to have had quite a background in these matters.
Yet, sometimes I thought he saw "Martians". For example on Madeira he showed several people the mountain where a famous whole track SP was "jailed" (and still was, to all intents and purposes). But in later Ethics Orders he suddenly said that this character had escaped some centuries back and that he had traced him and that he was so and so (name given) at present.
In Corfu he once indicated to me, what he said was, an entire fleet of flying saucers, objects rising straight up and down in the air and also taking off in horizontal direction at tremendous velocity. I could n't say what they were but according to him they were scouts checking a civilization just beginning with interplanetary travel (earth).
He showed locations of significance in Las Palmas, of importance in whole track history.
He did many of above type things, relating to upper levels.
I wonder if these sightings of interplanetary "martians" by Hubbard were the alien "cat" people my Father thinks took over the scientologists.

The ensueing [sic] shore flaps were not always "Smersh's" doing.

Late '67/early '68, as the only OT 2, class VII I had the tech hats. LRH had to run the ship, get research furthered, the AO off the ground, etc. Great randomity, untrained people...a bit much. Severe ethics carried the consequences of all unusual solutions in its wake, more randomity, port flaps....fear.
A "wog" pro seaman, like the Chief Engineer Royal Scotman, who had stayed to train the crew, was off loaded as "SP". A hired pro Captain left as the living conditions were unacceptable. Overboard ceremonies and endless work-parties were not understood by "wogs", nor good PR.
However, the conditions came to be accepted by the SO "make-things-run-righter", justified as being the way to become a "tough thetan".

The billion year contract was signed of our "free will" (and some Swedes, who objected, were immediately "beached" (sent away) to "never be given upper level materials" and declare.)
"Beaching" I have seen many times, it did not improve port relations. A beachee, put ashore with passport and no money (except his SO "pay", sometimes) to make his way home would go to his Consulate for help and have some explaining to do. Another way to bring on the "Enemy".

The father of a Flag girl (Susan Meister), who committed suicide, was equally "well" and "unreasonably" handled as the father of such a "downstat" "deserved".

It is interesting to note that while the "Markabians" were taking over, so too, were the governments,media and bankers on "teegeeack"(earth, to you mere mortals).

You really can't make this shit up, but, L. Ron Hubbard did.

Joe van Staden's take on the amazing voyage is summed up like this;

You say you have always wondered about LRH. As you know he has been put on a pedestal by many. On the other hand there are those who want to portray him as a ruthless charlatan. I guess to me he was neither. Over the years I have been approached by many to contribute to books or articles about LRH - invariably in the negative. My response has always been pretty much the same. Why should I denigrate someone who provided us with such an interesting game. Here was someone who said; "Hey Joe, here's a big ship, you be the captain, let's go mess around and have some adventures - and meet all these amazing people from all over the world - some of them are really interesting characters, not to mention the beautiful woman - at the same time let's explore the human mind and see what we can discover about the soul". A simplistic view maybe but back then the air was filled with anticipation, a sense of adventure and romance. Inspired by LRH. There were times when I really got to know him at a different level. As captain of the Athena (Mission into Time) I usually had supper with him, just the two of us. It was then that he opened up and just talked, unguarded, about his feelings etc.

There is that word "game" yet again, interesting to note how many old time sea orgers regard L. Ron Hubbard's sea org as a game.

Behind it All (Scientology).

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