Sunday, 5 January 2014

Scientology in South Africa

With Nelson Mandela barely in his grave, it is a tragedy that the freedoms he fought and endured so hard for will be lost in a dwindling spiral of Scientology let loose on the South African peoples.Aside from Scientology willing to destroy people and turn them into mindless slaves for L. Ron Hubbard, the biggest farce of all is their offices set aside for Human Rights. Scientology over it's sixty year history has committed so many human rights abuses, it beggars belief that the governments of this world allow it to continue and in fact, aid it.

Clearing the planet is still a strategy used by the Scientologists and is been used to this day, watch these two videos below to see for yourself.

Going "St. Hill size is" another scientology term and all orgs strive for that around the world, they want orgs to boom again like they did in the 60s and 70s. Here is what happened to all the people who where around when St. Hill was booming:

St. Hill Tech Masters; SPs?? | Androvillans's Blog

 I personally knew a large number of these people, both at St. Hill and on the Apollo, did I think they were SPs? No. Did I think they were deluded? Yes.

You have to remember most of Scientology management today are the second and third generation of old time scientologists, for many, it's all they know. You also have to remember that Norman Starkey, a South African himself became the executer of LRHs will, both written and mentally.

Do you want your kids to end up like this, that is what you have to ask yourself?

Third World Orphans and Scientology

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