Sunday, 12 January 2014

Gary Weber Interview

Long ago I stopped linking to this website... , however today I will make an exception for two reasons.Gary Weber's story was one of the first stories I read on here:

Memoirs of an Ex-Guardian in Scientology (c) Gary Weber ...

Gary Weber did more than arrive for a video shoot for some YouTube videos.
He wanted to be rid of dark deeds in the landscape of his mind and clear his
The interview was RAW. Emotionally, it was tough on him, I could see his.
He spoke of times of his life ~~ at his most intimate and vulnerable, the pain,
the turmoil made us have to stop filming every now and again.
too had my share of contributing to the mob. Sometimes it hit me so hard I had
to leave the room and silently let the tears fall.
35 years of my life for THAT !


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