Tuesday, 14 January 2014

He Hung Himself...

I cannot explain my feelings about this, I wish he had not tortured me so, but he did, I cannot explain the nightmares i had for years afterwards... I cannot explain why I am so very sorry for his tortured soul,.. so much that he hung himself...all I know is I wished he had not hung himself...but maybe if he was still alive, I would want to see him prosecuted and sent to jail for what he did...which would be right and just. I guess he took the easy option...NO, I think his conscience tortured him.

Rest in peace, Goran.

Many 'enforcers' get to choose what they will admit to, however, LRH made sure there was a picture of Goran doing his dirty deeds, and at least 250/300 people saw Goran do this on a daily basis, hopefully they can not sleep at night, due to their guilty conscience, those that lived, of course.LRH enforcers have no conscience, it's all for the greatest good or some such drivel...

I think little LRH's film footage should be shown around the world, don't you? You might even get off with a plea of insanity, let's face it Davey boy, it isn't your fault you grew up that way, is it?

Why am I the only one that talks about Goran?


Why did Belkacem get an entire chapter in Lawrence Wright's book?

Why was Annie Broeker lied about?

Why won't the Gillham children speak out?

Don't worry about it, Karen#1 has got it all covered, it's called information control and it is all Scientology, I will let you figure it out, I don't need to, I already have...and now our history is written in a liars scrawl... get rich quick!

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