Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wog Propaganda

Supposedly in Naval history, the term "wog" denoted a 'worthy oriental gentleman', not in Hubbard's denoted a person who is NOT a anyone who is NOT a scientologist is a wog, does not matter the color of your skin, you can be completely white, you are still a wog if you are not a scientologist, just like if you are a likely candidate to be converted to scientology, you are "raw meat".This sounds oh, so religious, doesn't it. This isn't something you are told, and you are not meant to know, but that is the terminology used to define you people out there who are not scientologists.

We are not going to discuss how to turn you into a scientologist, because that has been done time and time again and even those that have been turned swear blind that did not happen, apparently.

What we are going to talk about is how you are turned into a scientology sympathizer.

You have a project and you care deeply about it, but, and here comes the big BUT, you need funding...don't we all.Amazingly, you just happen to find yourself in the catchment area of the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) and the one thing you need funding on happens to be the one thing the IAS needs to promote. LRH (L. Ron Hubbard)said so.Everything in scientology is done on an exchange process (ie: you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours). So you get your funding, but you are expected, as a "wog", to fulfill your part of the bargain which is to go to the IAS, and claim how wonderful it is that they have done this for you and you are forever grateful, with nothing but praises all round, the hope of the scientologists is that you will go around singing their praises and yet no one pressurized you to become a scientologist. No they didn't because they have to seem to have a certain amount of people "for" them with an unbiased appraisal.

Now we are all HAPI, you have your funding, the scientologists have their success story(vitally important in scientology circles to keep the faithful giving money, repeatedly) and the "WOG" world hasn't got a clue as to what just happened.

It's called Keep Scientology Working!

In the mean time, children are being abused, used as slave labor, the management are being beaten and thrown into the hole, but not to worry because hey, they were such nice girls.

I am not being facetious, this is how it really is.

This post was inspired by someone I met recently that got IAS funding for their project and spoke on the stage at St. Hill Manor. Unfortunately I cannot say what the project was or what year, to protect the innocent, but it was a fair while ago.If and when they find them they have pictures to show me.

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