Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Come on Mr. Miscavige...

Life is a game, is it not? Let's play one! A game that is, after all LRH said life is a game, and you have been playing me all the way down the line, like "on lines" not lions, very funny, I think NOT.  You send your sycophants out to spy on me, I have three lots of photos now of people who have been sent to spy on me, all verifiable, not necessarily OTs.The old guy was the most surprising, as he never said he came from East. Grinstead, turns out he really is from Scotland. Mr Muk? whatever?

How many Jimmie Savells did it take to get your religious status in England? Or to put it another way, how many Rolf Harris's? Something is totally wrong here and I will not rest till I know how this happened?

Derek Fields, you are the step father of my step sister and I hold you totally responsible along with Peter Hodkin for this turn of events.You are both entirely responsible for this so called "religiosity" with your sycophantic love of L. Ron Hubbard. You have both turned your children into robots. Hope you are proud, LRH would have totally approved.

Hip, Hip, Hoohray!

Hip, Hip, Hoohray!

Hip, Hip, Hoohray!

Google Paulette Cooper, she wrote a book, not very flattering of scientology in the early 1970s and they tried to incarcerate her into a mental institution or have her put in prison  with fake bomb threats, at the age of 12 in 1969 they told me if I ever spoke out about the abuses I had seen, or anything I had heard I would end up in a mental institution for telling fantastic stories that NO one would believe. And very few people do.

But, Mr. Miscavige and Mr. Tom Cruise, you KNOW I speak the truth, you KNOW it!

Come on Mr. Religiosity put your money where your mouth is, full of botox.

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