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Sea Org Children Past and Present

Does this boy look happy to you?Can be found on the Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard, a Granada TV documentary made in the late 60s. Only at the time Scientology was NOT shrinking, it was growing.
Do the above boy and girl look happy to you? Filmed in Clearwater, Florida, coming off of Flag buses in Sea Org Alley by Darth Xander in April of 2012.
Seriously, do these kids look happy to you? I know they are not, they have to put up with all this PTS, SP bullshit on a daily basis, whilst drilled on the TRs, told they have engrams from a reactive mind that only exists in the head of a dead science fiction writer but their parents make these kids believe this.Even more kids at Flag here:

My old friend Quentin, one of  L. Ron Hubbard's sons.
Suzette and Quentin, both friends of mine on the Apollo.
Far left: my old friend Janis Gillham on the Apollo, long after I had left.Annie Tidman/Broeker in the foreground:
Annie Tidman/Broeker is the little girl L. Ron Hubbard has his hand on her shoulder. Sadly she has died way too young. Here's Marty Rathbun telling how he brought her back after she blew.

Below, Alexander Jentzsch died whilst in the care of  Scientologists, as his Mother put it "Scientology wouldn't pay for a Doctor whilst he was still alive, but will pay for a Lawyer when he's dead."
Alexander Jentzsch, only son of Heber Jentzsch and Karen De la Carriere.You can read about his recent tragic death here: and here:
Peter Gillham Jnr, another old friend from the Apollo, here talking to Nathan Baca about guarding L. Ron Hubbard;"It's like a lot of water under the bridge," recalled Gilham. "I got out 27 years ago and I'm glad I left, but I remember [Hubbard] was sitting out there. He was paranoid of these raids. So, I'm standing guard for this paranoid person and I'm like 'what is this? Why can't we just be open? If this is so good, why can't we just be honest about it?' But, no, when it came to him, you had to hide everything. You couldn't be truthful." Read more here:
L. Ron Hubbard, Diana Hubbard and in the background Nathan Jessop.This picture is taken in Corfu, ingratiating with Greek dignitaries and officials before the Commodores fleet was thrown out of the country.
Keryn's nightmare childhood on the Apollo:

Keryn's brother:"My brother was allocated a job in the engine room of the shift as a greaser - he was 10 ... I was working in the canteen and we were both working 20-hour shifts," she said.
"I didn't see him for weeks and then one day I bumped into him in the doorways between the dormitories, and he was this little thing, covered in grease with these big red eyes, and he saw me and he started crying and he said he wanted to go home.
Claire Headley in the middle of the picture with the box on her desk, the picture was taken at Greenfields School, Sussex, England, a Scientology run school.Claire is married to Marc Headley, you can read their story in Marc's book Blown for Good: and here: and here:
Heber Jentzsch,Terri Gillham/Gamboa and Janis Gillham/Grady

 Astra Woodcraft and Jenna Miscavige Hill, both grew up in Scientology's Sea Organization and along with Kendra Wiseman set up a message board for This was a tremendous effort on their part as they were trying to put their lives back together at the same time.

passport photo of me, 1967.Below, top upper right hand picture of me on the Royal Scotman.

A poster made by Anon Ireland for the Dublin Offlines Conference.
L. Ron Hubbard playing at being a film director.
Hubbard's own children being introduced to the E-meter at a very young age.From left to right: Quentin, Dianna Hubbard,Suzette and Arther.
Janis Gillham and L. Ron Hubbard.
Romana Dienes Browning:

Valeska Paris
Uwe Stuckenbrock above in happier times before Scientology destroyed him:  "First they took his youth, then they took his mind, then they took his health, then they took his wife, and then they took his life. And they call this a religion."

The sad tale of Serge Obelinsky:

Derek Bloch:
Shelly Ballantyne:

Arnie Lerma just 17 when he got into Scientology, webmaster of this amazing website:

Ex-Scientologist Tommy Gorman's Story -

Jennifer Gorman, a remarkable young woman in my eyes



Tanya Neujahr

Former scientologist teenager.
"Scientology is a dictatorship, and I want everybody to know that." — Tanya Neujahr.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung: "Scientology: a young sect ex-member reports for the first time" by Michaela Haas
«What awaited Tanya was eight to ten hours work per day, followed by five hours study of the Hubbardist writings. She seldom got to bed before midnight. About 300 Scientologists live in Saint Hill, including, according to Scientology's own statement, 77 children and teenagers. "There were more and more children," said Tanya. She pulls a pile of photographs from a paper bag in order to show a picture of herself. Her red hair shone unmistakably from a crowd of young girls in school uniforms. At the time she was still slim. She put on many pounds later, as if she needed this thick, soft, protective layer.The photographs also show a castle-like manor, a luxuriously furnished library, and splendid, wood-panelled halls, "really very idyllic, a vision of beauty," said Tanya. She pointed to a building in the background of the 22 hectare (55 acre) park. That was the sauna for the "purification rundown," a cure in which Scientologists sit for hours in the sauna in order to sweat out poisons. She and other youths had helped to build the sauna. "That was hellish work. Also, we had to dig the path through the park. We had to dig it up three times, each time approximately one meter (yard) deep and one meter wide. That was the time that we had to work throughout the night.»
Tilman Hausherr: "Tanya's story"

«After her Scientologist father kicked Tanya out of the house when she was 16 years old, Tanya was forced to join the sinister Scientology's "Sea Organization." In this video she talked about systemic child abuse within Scientology, child molestation, pedophilia by a Scientologist who molested little boys freely and without any concern by Scientology staff, and kidnapping people who tried to escape Scientology. Tanya constantly objected to these crimes and abuse committed by Scientology staff, and she was punished by Scientology management for making those objections.

Tanya was held against her will, then thrown into Scientology's brutal "RPF:" the "Rehabilitation Project Force," and subjected to sleep deprivation, malnourishment, and brutal slave labor. British police officers, at Saint Hill, helped Tanya escape Scientology and helped her get home to Germany. After she escaped, Scientologists "fair gamed" her, threatening to kill her.

At the end of the video Tanya apologized to the people she helped Scientology hurt.

There are currently about 52,000 Scientology customers, salespeople, and staff members in the United States. There are about 19,000 more in the rest of the world.»

Tanya Neujahr, former scientologist

Amy's story

In October 20, 2012 - Millions of children around the world are exploited, abused, and discriminated against. It is because of the unique vulnerability of children that their rights are of priority concerning cults such as Scientology, polygamist Mormon fundamentalist - Bountiful, and others. Child abuse in cults is common, and children are often cults' most devastating casualties.

These people grew up to be enforcers, made to make people behave in a fashion that was acceptable to scientology, notice so far they are all men. Just mere boys when they started...quite strange really, because LRH put women in power...

Aaron Saxton

I liked Aaron, because he came out, guns ablazing...
TV3 : Aaron saxton blows the whistle on Scientology - YouTube

Mike Rinder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mike was in scientology from the age of 6 years old, just like me.However unlike me, he was in for most of his lifetime,some 50 years, look what happened to him...

Mike Rinder on “The Hole” and How He Escaped Scientology « The ...


Gary Morehead was in scientology from a child...

Scientology: Gary "Jackson" Morehead video | St ...

Tommy Davis

Just who was the exploding tomato?

I will keep adding to this as time goes by....

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