Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dublin Offlines - John McGhee

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John's experience began by walking in off the street and asking "Give me all you have", something the Dublin would duly oblige. Some €10,500 later he began to see things were clearly wrong. He regularly lent cash to senior members for food and was once accompanied to an ATM to prove he didn't have more. People around him were running up debts, losing their temper and falling ill -- the opposite of what he was promised. But he couldn't get anyone to see it that way, and eventually stopped questioning it.

He says "They honestly believe they're on to a good thing and it's more important than their children or mothers and fathers. They think they can clear the planet of 'reactive minds', but they can't even do it in the mission. There are lads there 20 years without a penny to their name who glorify Scientology. And I think, what did it actually do for you?"

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