Sunday, 2 September 2012


HELP - The Hollywood Education and Literacy project.

I visited the Scientology owned Hollywood Education & Literacy project. It's a reading room designed to indoctrinate children into LRH tech using applied scholastics and tutors. Apparently they even tutor adults now. It is a division of ABLE.

I am banned from going to Scientology schools however this is not one of them. It is a public reading room. So in I went! If it were a Scientology school I would have been taken to court months ago for showing up across the street. Even across the street would have been a violation if this had been a legit cult school such as the Delphi Academy.

She will still be punished for talking to me. By their bizarre standards it is her fault she is in this video!

I apologize but this video contains only one joke. Sorry! I guess I need H.E.L.P.! 

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