Monday, 10 September 2012

Dublin Offlines Conference - Gabrielle Wynne

Gabrielle walked into the Dublin Scientology centre as part of
a school project, and within months she was working on
staff. For all her time cold-calling, auditing others, answering
phone as Dianetics (staff were instructed not to mention
Scientology) and pushing flyers through letter boxes she was
rewarded with a 2€ coin

While in the organisation she received coaching on how to
handle her friends and family. The final straw came when
she was beeing pressured to take out a loan for a 3000€
course. Her ethics officer supposed that her mother might be
the suppressive influence that was holding her back. She left
soon after and, in hindsight, continues to wonder how she
missed all the warning signs

For more information on the Dublin Offlines event see

Dublin Offlines - Anne Robinson

Anne works as a school teacher, and has been
speaking out on the subject of Scientology for over
decade. She and her family were featured on the Late
Late Show in 1995 where she spoke about how her
brother, Tony Phelan, had disconnected from the
family. Since 2002 the family have had no contact with

She Says: I have spoken out and will continue to
speak out about the impact that this organisation has
had on our family. If even one person hears that, and it
saves them from experiencing what our family has,
then it will have been worth it.

Dublin Offlines Conference - Professor Gabriella Coleman

Gabriella trained as an anthropologist and is
an Assistant Professor and Wolfe Chair in
Scientific & Technological Literacy at the
McGill University in Canada, and a former
Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, and
Communication at New York University.
Her research has included digital activism,
particularly Anonymous, and she is currently
working on a book for this topic. Her
expertise on the topic has lead to her
becoming a regular media commentator, in
addition to her academic publications. She
has made many presentations on the topic 

We Are Legion - The Story of the Hacktivists (2012)[FULL DOCUMENTARY]  

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