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The Continual Black PR about Gerry Armstrong

It's a lot of reading, but if you have the time and inclination...its worth it.

Scientology: A to Xenu, book...

Not that book, but the continual black propagandering about Gerry Armstrong...

From Caroline...

In that SPs 'r' Us thread I posted above, Mr. Shelton provided his logic on whom he granted credence in a key legal matter involving the IRS deal. Mr. Shelton's attack involved Gerry's social, legal, US governmental and international credibility. Gerry addressed Mr. Shelton's logic or illogic in his correspondence with Mr. Shelton.

In the matter of the IRS deal and Scientology's tax exemption, Mr. Shelton considered and contrasted the "reliable source" status" of Mark Rathbun versus Gerry Armstrong. From the SPs 'r' Us thread:

Scientology: A to Xenu makes obvious of course that Mr. Shelton was not himself an insider regarding the IRS deal. Gerry pointed that out in his open letter to Mr. Shelton on January 3, 2016.

In his book, Mr. Shelton relies on Mr. Rathbun's Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior. Rathbun was a real insider, a key Scientologist co-conspirator. Mr. Rathbun remains unrepentant specifically about the fairgaming he and his co-conspirator insiders committed against key litigants, including Gerry Armstrong. Mr. Rathbun continued to black PR Gerry and other Scientology victims/targets in Memoirs.

Gerry and I have assembled some material that shows how the Armstrong case and situation relate to Scientology's tax exemption. A few relevant documents:

More here:

My own thoughts are, its about time Marty Rathbun manned up.

Marty Rathbun knows Scientology terrorism - Gerry Talks...

These are the comments on Marty Rathbun's blog about the 'Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior'...a must read - 47 Comments


To figure out some of the scientology thought processes, the 47 comments above are interesting, here's another thread, nothing to do with Gerry at all, but the concept of being a victim in are not allowed to have that concept.

Posted by Daisy - Good points made on this thread. Why don't Indies protest? Maybe they are afraid to look like victims. In scientology, there is no victims! Can you get that concept? There are no victims. A child being abused? He/she pulled it in. Have a disease? You pulled it in. Feel bad about your experiences in a cult? You pulled it in. The indies think of themselves as powerful advocates of the true tech. No matter what they may have experienced in scientology, they sure as hell are not victims.

Operation Clambake Message Board • View topic - Why don ...

I happen to be a participant in the above thread on OCMB and my dialogue with Terril Park is born out of his insistance that we were good friends, which we were not. We had met at a few protests and I was very upset at his insistance at trying to convert young people who had never been in scientology to his 'freezone'whilst supposedly protesting scientology. Notice, he never answers a direct question, typical scientologist! 

 Post subject: Re: Why don't the Indies protest?
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Originally posted by TPark:

There is a lesson some here may wish to learn: someone who
likes the tech and philosophy of scn may not be your enemies.

Some seem unable to learn that lesson.

And some learnt a very valuable lesson many years ago, straight from source. Never trust a scientologist. That's the only lesson I need,It stood me well for many years, my biggest mistake was forgetting that lesson and then remembering.

Of course, none of them thought it even remotely possible to belong to all the cults at the same time; the most interesting answer to this question was given by the Rev. Thomas Gandow. He said that if someone claimed to belong to all these cults simultaneously and was not lying, then there were only three possibilities: 1. The person is mad; 2. The person is a Scientologist, because of all the cults listed only Scientology allows its members to pretend to be concurrently members of a different religion; 3. The person is a secret agent (but that is virtually the same thing as no. 2).

Operation Clambake present: SCIENTOLOGY IN RUSSIA

Thank you, to those in Russia and now, Thank you, to those in the Netherlands...

Hague Court deals blow to Scientology tax-free status - NL ...


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