Saturday, 9 January 2016

I often wonder and have in the past...were we some kind of experiment?

Scientology Integrity: Scientology Time Track By Entry

Was Jonestown a CIA medical experiment? - Deep Politics Foru


The mainstream media was in on the brainwashing. These people did not "drink the Kool-aid", then drop where they stood. After Leo Ryan was shot dead, they tried to escape over several days but were hunted down in the jungle by US and British special forces before being dragged back to the site and laid out in neat rows for the press.

CIA Cults and the Global Brainwashing Experiment - Signs ...

How far will you go, in the name of...pick your religion?

Cats, Chemicals And A Gun Under The P


Gerry Armstrong--Time Magazine 05-06-

I went to see the Police in Brighton sometime in the late 70s, and was thankful I was about 22 at the time and up on the balcolney, as we watched 15 year olds being grabbed by security as they passed out and had to be removed from the building.

Little did I know then that Stewart Copeland was Miles Copeland's son or that Miles Copeland played a game with Scientology...from my do not play games with scientology...they play games with you.


That was my button...I don't like playing games...and they have gone for it ever since.

But I have a game and I think I am going to like it...lets see how many countries we can get to follow Russia and the Netherlands and hopefully Brussels in the 'Let's revoke the tax exemption of Scientology' 

What L. Ron Hubbard did to me when I was a little kid is unconscionable, that he did it to his own children is unforgiveable.

But, people give him God like status...he is a worm and worms turn shit into compost and compost gets spread around the earth...this compost is so foul it needs to be dug recommendation

my recommendation stick it in the bunker...


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