Saturday, 2 January 2016

L. Ron Hubbard Appears Mental...and so does Scientology...

Still pushing that religions unite for world peace I thought it funny that there's an ad saying "Get certified online" Hahaha!

Story image for scientology in the news from World Religion News

Religions Unite for World Peace at Sydney Scientology Church

World Religion News-1 Jan 2016
Religious leaders gathered at the Church of Scientology of Sydney, to attend an interfaith conference organized by Heavenly Culture, World ...
past tense: certified; past participle: certified
  1. attest or confirm in a formal statement.

    "the profits for the year had been certified by the auditors"

    synonyms:verify, guarantee, attest, validate, ratify, warrant, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, endorse, vouch for, testify to, provide evidence of, authenticate, document; More
    bear witness to, bear out, give proof of, prove, demonstrate, back up, support

    "the aircraft was certified as airworthy"

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