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I came across this a week or so ago and I see why I was asked about these things...not only have I never heard of Charlie Reisdorf whilst on the ship , I do not remember any of his Messenger children and that would be quite right because I was not there in 1971, but the PEANUT incident happened in 1969...someone is rewriting history and it's not me...who are the people that will not talk...think about that...shortly after #1Karen on OCMB put up the Lawrence Wright 's book on OCMB on TWITTER,NO it was not TWTTER, but it just as well might have been,(it was actually Amazon) loads of little anonymous messages came up on OCMB saying things like "it's done now and there is nothing you can do about it". I am NOT stupid, but the church of scientology is aren't they Janis...whatever you do, don't ever speak about Claire's in your PC files...isn't it?

From: Warrior
Subject: Apollo OODs - 6 October 1971
Date: 20 Nov 2005 18:23:25 -0800
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David Mayo witnessed that Hubbard once forced an old man and a couple of others "in trouble" to push a peanut around the deck of the ship with their noses. This was done as a punishment for having a low Well Done Auditing Hours (WDAH) statistic.
"It was really tough on this old guy," Mayo wrote. "The surface of the deck was very rough wood, prone to splinter... They all had raw, bleeding noses, leaving a trail of blood behind them. We were required to watch this punishment, to make an example of it for the rest of us."
David Mayo is mentioned numerous times in the Apollo Orders of the Day (OOD, or OODs) during this time period, so there is plenty of evidence he was on board during much of 1971.
From the Flag OODs published onboard the Apollo on 6 October 1971:
=== begin quote ===

*Y*A*C*H*T* *A*P*O*L*L*O*
The low hour Festival Auditors were Joyce Tidy, Vi Wellington and Charles Reisdorf. This made them contestants in pushing a peanut with their noses on a race course on the Prom deck. They had substitutes race for them, Pat McCullough, Bonnie McPeek and Diane Reisdorf.
Early in the race, Diane Reisdorf crashed through the guard rails. Charles Reisdorf took over. The McCullough lead was tightly contested by McPeek.
Reisdorf was fighting a head wind and fell further and fyrther behind.
McCullough romped home with McPeek a close second, and won by a nose.
As the last in Charles Reisdorf was relegated to wearing a sheet at the ball.
=== end quote ===

That is why you won't talk...isn't it, but you will try and make me a liar...when I am save your are going to hell. lady janis...I reckon this was one hell of a payoff...and you are still shilling for them...hope you sleep well at night...the peanut came and got me...mandatory attendance, walking up the stairs and across the decks laughing because who in their right mind would do such a was inconceivable...but we were both there along with 200+ other people. I now think this happened twice and you would have been there both times...what's very telling to me at least, is your continual silence.

Kima Douglas, 1942-2013 « The Underground Bunker

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