Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mobile Phones are a Tracking Device

Just had an interesting conversation with someone who will remain nameless, about mobile phones and how they can track you. They know where you are at every time of the day.Talk about BiG Brother...

Last year when I visited Corfu, I got a text message from my provider 'wishing me a happy holiday in Corfu' WTF! I never told them I was coming here! Many friends did not text me about the holiday, but Orange did. WTF! I said to my companion "how can this be?" She tried to explain,unfortunately, explanation got lost in translation! WTF. She was rolling around the floor in laughter and all I kept saying was WTF!

For the last 6 weeks, although it  did start before that although then it was intermittent, i can receive messages but cannot send any. For at least the last 4 weeks I cannot send any at all.I was told switch your phone off and try again, doesn't work. In fact nothing works, guess where my phone is going? Waste of time!

The perfect place to throw my mobile phone would be Corfu, unfortunately I can't make it this year, so Hastings beach will have to do.Hope you scientologists are out there tracking my every movement and then you can expose how I am polluting the oceans, you know how you pollute them with defecation on the Freewinds, just like LRH did on the Apollo.

David Bowie - Big Brother

Allan Mardle Allan Mardle·206 videos

Please watch this in it's entirety, it shows you the trick that was played on YOU scientologists...

MICK RONSON-Width of a circle (Guitar solo 1973)

BestMasterGuitar BestMasterGuitar·341 videos

This is brilliant! And it does show you the trick played, and my guess is this was for Woody Woodmansey, only he never got it! And he's still a scientologist . I would like to see a picture of Woody Woodmansey in 1967/68/69. Please WWP find me a picture of of him in his heyday!

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