Monday, 17 June 2013

Scientologists at War

I have just watched a one hour long promotional advertisement for Dependent scientology and Marty Rathbun.

I have just one other thing to say...listen to this...

And now we all know which side of the war we are on, don't we?

A few anons and exscientologists seem to be having a few problems with how this all pans out, I would have thought it was obvious, but I will spell it out for you...

You know all you exscientologists that barely have enough money to rub together, because you were in for years, you sold everything, you lived in dorms, you had to have a part time job in many cases to feed yourselves because you were being made to work round the clock at St. Hill Manor or where ever, you got social security in many cases because you were a scientologist "volunteer" and had no time left to work for any one else, especially if you were in the Sea Org. You were being regged night and day to hand any spare money over you might have had, which is what drove a fair number of people into suicide and or needing to see a psychiatrist at an expense you could not afford....well look at the "Independent" community as a they look poor to you? I don't mean mentally, I know they are poor mentally, I mean financially...most of them are well off, right?

They did not all get left money, I don't believe it! Not one iota!Some of them were paid off, and yet others of them are paying others off and I believe some of them are paying the media.

Now, what did LRH say about KSW ( for those of you who read here and don't know what KSW is) It means Keep Scientology Working and he meant it and you keep doing it, don't you, because LRH said so.I know a few of you who read here may not be up on the scientology diatribe, there is a scientology dictionary, google it. Just don't expect it to make sense, co$ it don't.

What was interesting for me on this Channel 4 documentary is the following:

On the day of the East. Grinstead Conference, that sadly I could not attend, my two friends from Dublin accompanied by Sam Domingo and the Channel 4 team came to visit me afterwards at work, I had already explained I would be working and barely got a chance to talk to them as we were busy. What I presumed to be the head of the team, the older gentleman, pictured on Tony Ortega's blog gave me a tip, it was a badge saying 'I love SP's'. I thought it was amusing at the time. Now I don't!

The promise was they would contact me.

They didn't.

Just like the BBC man that sent me an e-mail saying he thought my story was great and would ring me and didn't... I'm usually not at home much but I was on holiday and I was ill, so I barely left the house...did he contact me? NO!

I have seen the contents of Sam Domingo's double fridge on facebook, and you wonder why I do not answer your messages John, do you remember our last conversation?

YOU are all being played, or YOU are the players... I grew up on the Royal Scotman/Apollo right beside him - LRH...I know what I am talking about.

And right now, Terril Park is in his element, he might even take off to Target Two any time soon and join LRH because Channel 4 supports the "Independent" movement/FZ. I saw it on Marty's blog. Now THAT is KSW - Channel 4. Notice you did not let my comment through. Thanks alot! 

Try being subjected to being thrown over the side of a ship everyday Marty and Channel 4 at the age of 11, and you cannot swim, everyday Marty, every god damned day at muster.

The Aims of Scientology

A civilization of insanity,with criminals and with war, where the able cannot prosper and honest beings cannot have rights and man is not free to rise to greater heights, these are the aims of scientology    

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