Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Human Constitution of Human Rights...

Has No validity to exist... because it violates human rights on a daily basis by allowing scientology to exist on the grounds of 'religious freedom'.

Religious Freedom? Are YOU kidding me?

When the hell did religion enter scientology other than to boost LRH's name?

When I was a kid, it was a science of the human mind....a science of the human mind ? ha ha ha! When I was a kid, they were all strung out on f*cking drugs and none more so than L. Ron Hubbard, the great humanitarian...he did it ALL for show us the error of his ways...NOW there's religion for YOU!

How many people did the TRs back then and had teddy bears, do you have teddy bears all over your bed?

I had an ashtray to do the TRs with and guess what I have all over my bed, ashtrays! Vitally important if you don't want to flick ash all over the flaw.

I finally got a teddy bear, and at the age of 16, I lost it on a train, it was devastating!

You have NO idea how devastating losing my teddy bear was, NO idea!

Today, I have had 73 hits on this blog from Latvia alone, not counting all the others. Don't ever give up your teddy bears, ex scientologists!

Here's the low down Marty, Terril and ALL you other sycophants... basically, statistically, and religiously F*ck off!. I don't think I can make it any plainer other than...That!

None of this matters, at all except to exscientology kids, I am one of them and I will not stop speaking out! Ever!

I think the head of Channel 4 is a scientologist. A Hubbardite- what is a hubbardite - a lover of ALL things HUBBARD. Terrril Park comes to mind at this point in my mind. End of session!

Have YOU ever been in session with a scientologist? HAVE YOU?

Terril Park by his own admissions travails America at least every other year, yet he was a scientologist at Saint Hill for at least 30 + years and he is still a hubbardite, through and through.Absolutely!

And, he meets my old best friend and then me, What a coincidence,huh!

He tells people, they have it wrong, LRH was beautiful, I love Beethoven but I wouldn't have let him anywhere near my daughters. Yer, right, YOU are one pathetic son of a bitch, do YOU have shares in Channel 4, or do you own it, Teril? I really would NOT be surprised at all.

A friend of mine whom I have not seen for a while came to me tonight and said I thought of you the other night  when they watched Scientology at WAR and wondered what my thoughts were, it did not surprise them at all to learn how angry I was at media propaganda.

Way to go Channel 4, you have just lost viewers, and it will continue that way, until Channel 4 is just a distant memory, pretty much like LRH's engrams!

Were YOU Jesus Christ? NO, thought NOT!

Were YOU Buddha?

Love the 4thoughts 4 YOU!

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