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Crackpot Cult and its Crazy Defector Deserve Each Other

Crackpot cult and its crazy defector deserve each other – Irish Independent

Sect ruling 'beginning of the end'

The sect and Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, sought in a civil trial to recover the contested documents and asked for unspecified damages for the "mental rape" of Mrs. Hubbard. Breckenridge ruled that Armstrong did invade Hubbard's privacy by taking the documents, but said the invasion was slight.

No damages will be awarded the sect, which indicated it will demand a new trial.

Breckenridge characterized as a "pathetic individual" Mrs. Hubbard, who was released from federal prison shortly before the trial began. She had been convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice and fined $10,000 for her part in a Scientology operation which infiltrated and stole documents from government agencies.

"She was forced from her post as Controller (of the sect), convicted and imprisoned as a felon and deserted by her husband," Breckenridge stated. "Her credibility leaves much to be desired. She struck the familiar pose of not seeing, hearing or knowing any evil—yet she was the head of the (sect's Guardian's Office) for years.

Breckenridge noted that Mrs. Hubbard authored "the infamous order GO-121669" which directed that member's confidential files should be examined for embarrassing confessions to be used against those who challenged the sect.

"It is, of course, rather ironic, that the person who authored GO-121669 should complain about an invasion of privacy," the judge

Scientology: Target world government // Hubbard: "We'll make a new society so skip approval for a lot of wogs"

Does "The Commodore", as Hubbard likes to be known as he flits from port to port aboard the "Sea orgs" (vessels) that are registered as management and training companies, have visions of world power?

It sounds like the sort of plot Hubbard himself could have written in one of his earlier science fiction novels. A plot written for himself! Is Hubbard, with his claims of spiritual interplanetary travelling, heavenly visits, and knowledge of everlasting life, genius or crank?

In his book "In the Name of Science", Martin Gardner defines four characteristics of the common crank or pseudoscientists as: (1) The person who considers himself a genius years ahead of his time. (2) The person who considers his colleagues and fellow researchers ignorant blockheads largely because they fail to recognize his genius. (3) Someone who is paranoid and feels he is the victim of a vast conspiracy designed to suppress his brillant work. (4) The person who delights in focusing his attacks on scientists and their established theories.

"The crank also invents his own terminology; a jabberwocky understood only by him and his closest allies. So, we find the literature filled with confusing and complicated terms which are merely displays of pseudoerudition, or what psychiatrists call neologisms," he adds.

Does Hubbard, or his theories as taught through the church, fit Gardner's description of the pseudoscientist or crank?

These are questions which only the individual and on a longterm basis time, can answer.
Meantime, it might do no harm to reflect on a quote taken from one of Hubbard's political letters on the subject of those who disbelieve or oppose Scientology thinking:

"Do they think a society in this shape will approve Scientology into power? Hell no. And to hell with this society. We're making a new one, so let's skip the approval button for a lot of wogs". link

Jett Travolta Foundation Donating More Money to Scientology Organizations
It’s no surprise, and I’ve written about it before: but John Travolta and Kelly Preston are continuing to donate tax free money from the non profit charity they started for their late son to Scientology. Of course, this is a little strange since Scientology’s beliefs may be what cost Jett Travolta his life, in the end. For years until the day Jett died the Travoltas insisted Jett was not autistic but suffered from Kawasaki Syndrome. He was not treated for autism as Scientology doesn’t allow treatment of mental or brain issues. Jett’s “manny” when he died wasn’t a trained nurse but a wedding photographer.

Nevertheless, the Travoltas remain devoted to the cause. According to the website for the foundation,, contributions have been made in 2013 to several different places. But one of them is Scientology’s questionable group in Haiti that’s recruiting poor people. And the other is the group that performs bogus “detoxification.”

The Haiti group is called GROup Dynamic for the Survival of Haiti. This group is run two prominent Scientologists, Leslie Hobbs and Claude Reginald Jean. There’s no mention on their website about Scientology, of course. But their address is in Clearwater, Florida, where all the other Xenu businesses are clustered.

The Form 990 filed by Jett Travolta Foundation omits any detail of where their money went last year. Charities are mandated to list their gifts and grants. But this foundation simply didn’t. The foundation just says it gave grants totaling $120,800.

But on their form 990 for 2012, GRODYSH acknowledges a recent $40,000 donation from the Jett Travolta Foundation. Their total revenue claimed in 2012 was $95,000 so that’s nearly half of what they took in.

And then there’s the International Detoxification Academy. The Jett Travolta Foundation has already donated money to them in 2013 and did so in 2011. Also in 2011, Jett Travolta Foundation donated funds  to Narconon, and to Will Smith’s New Horizon School in Calabasas, California which teaches Scientology Study Tech curriculum.

My life is far more important to me than the 'man who would be King, of either Channel 4 or for that matter, the BBC', hope you rot in hell Marty Rathbun, just like your founder...

 The Way Out Is Not The Way Back In

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How very THETA!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a Scotsman walk into my place of work, NO, that's NOT the Royal Scotsman, but a little scotsman, he was working in the area and booked all the B&Bs for the night, I believe his bill was somewhere near £350 . He drank Pinot Gricio like it was about to drop off the market, and when my boss said to him "where do you come from?" He said " East. Grinstead, the home of Xenu!" My boss said "Don't talk about that in front of her, pointing to me, she hates them". Never a truer word said! The little Scotsman said "Oh, you've heard about them, have you?" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!

You have NO idea! Jaws aching, gotta go to bed!

Ha ha Ha ha ha!!!!!

She does!!!!! Hates THEM that IS!

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