Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rest in Peace... Karen Black

I knew Karen Black in 1966, she stayed at Coopers Wood, in East Grinstead and whilst busy working on a film script she was also busy with working her way up the bridge with auditing at St. Hill, East Grinstead. A true believer until her dying day.

I am very saddened by this...

On the Christmas of 1966, this woman gave me a set of hand cuffs that she had bought in London's Carnaby Street because they were SO me...who was the one that devoted her entire life to L. Ron Hubbard... it was NOT me.I was nine years old then.

I am horrified of the picture that Smurf saw fit to put up of you on ESMB.

It's a very sad day for me...very sad indeed...If only you knew...but you don't because you was not there were you Karen...

Karen Black dies at 74; actress starred in 'Five Easy Pieces' and 'Easy Rider' –

Karen Black and Death in Scientology | The Morton Report


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