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Default Re: "The IAS and its Volunteer Minister Crusade are a scam."

Quote Originally Posted by I told you I was trouble View Post
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Don't be silly so Terril ... the only people they really 'effect' are the people they talk to at their level (a few hundred people like you and the other Indies) and even then they have to be very careful how they word everything for fear of offending all the hubbard lovers.

Mike Marty and Karen are very often the "go to" people for media info re Scn/CO$.
Go clay demo and M9 the "Truth Rundown", and watch the TV program "Scientologists
at War" which is mostly an interview with Marty.

Marty has just posted criticisms of the tone scale. He of course had to word this
VERY VERY carefully less he offend a hubbard lover or two.

But then you don't take me seriously so don't worry.

Don't worry? Oh i am NOT. I have a time line of your insidious little messages, Terril. The Seven, deadly sins...I am a narcissist am I?

I think this describes you Terril...

Narcissistic personality disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...and your GO two have the audacity to stand alongside anonymous and protest...what? You promote "KEEP SCIENTOLOGY WORKING"and you get critics to stand there with your sign "SCIENTOLOGY IN THE FREEZONE" are you f*cking kidding me?

I noticed Terril Park, for a while you did not post on ESMB, but now just like Karen de la Carrierre you have cart blanche, so please post away because we are ALL watching with great interest...I thought about posting again on ESMB, but my attempt was other words the supposed amnesty isn't entirely it?

The good thing about my blog is there are NO rules... the rules in scientology are that if you are connected to an cannot talk to them. Your damned right, you can not talk to an SP because you don't like what a true SP has to say...


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Default Re: "The IAS and its Volunteer Minister Crusade are a scam."

Quote Originally Posted by hpm1999 View Post
I cannot imagine taking him up on that offer. No way no how. I am glad he is out... But he has yet from my view to fully explain himself and his role as DMs chief instigator. I am of he opinion thst CO$ waas a scam to begin with. But Rinder , however, is responsible for the creaky CO$ machine that continues to crush people and families.he is inthe cross hairs of the machine he helped build
Clearly people have taken Marty up on his offer.

He's written an ongoing blog and 3 books which include explaining himself.
Just bought the third.

Rinder is quite definitely not involved anymore with crushing people.

How many times Terril are you going to fall for this scam? You have all L.Ron Hubbards books and now all Marty Rathbuns books and yet you continue to fall for the scam... lets all watch Marty Rathbun on "scientologists at war" as he heads off into the sunset...i have not read any of his books so I don't know but did he detail why he chose to make ALL the  Lisa McPherson documentation disappear, as in shredded? Well did he? I might buy the book if he did.


Have you ever read about Susan Meister, Terril, just two years after I left the Apollo, have you ever actually read about it? It torments me Terril and I was not there, do you know why it torments me, Terril? one, I knew Amos Jessop. two,I saw a young kid locked in the chain locker, i saw another kid locked in a prison and I was locked in the hold. three, my own Father was locked in a cupboard, under the stairs at Abellund, Denmark.L. Ron  Hubbard did this...

Recently, someone said something about parents, and I said"mine where nutters" They said so where mine, so i said "did you grow up in a cult" they said "NO" and I said "well I did" I told them it was scientology and they said "I watched this thing on Channel 4, they are weird" and I said "you have NO idea how fucking weird". They said " I am really interested, can we talk about this sometime". i said with pleasure. I never give up an opportunity to educate someone on the disaster scientology is both in and outside the pretended "church". I reckon I have inoculated some several thousand people now and it IS an on going ambition of mine...Beethoven just played his last symphony...

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