Friday, 2 August 2013

Operation Scientology

 I fancy a protest, where will I be?Hmmm?

I could protest Charter House, Bexhill on sea. Infertility Clinic, preying on the vulnerable...believe me I can pray on the vulnerable scientologists. I have Never ptotested there before, might be fun... they have their own solicitors...

Or maybe i will go to Eastbourne, they have their own private house's called a mission, the mission of's called KEEP SCIENTOLOGY's a two up two down house in that's really going to bring the house down...

What about Totenham Court Road?Been there, done it before...boring! Stephania is locked in a time warp... Have YOU got promo...give it to me...and I did...don't think she liked it.Justice Latey's comments and Arnie Lerma's...did not go down very well, told me to get out! And I did!

Now, Victoria Street, London, It's kinda out of the way for foot traffic as far as protests go, OR should I say GO as in GUARDIANS OFFICE, the very same place Louisa Hodkin wants marriage to be held because of her so called religion, poor girl, never stood a hope in hell because of her FATHER, Peter Hodkin. Sleazey little solicitor, that follows people and sends out threatening letters to young people that support people that grew up on the Apollo.

Peter Hodkin... where IS my letter, You call yourself a scientologist...but you are a fucking coward...where is my letter telling me to cease and desist...where is it? You pick on young people, some of them vulnerable, because LRH told you thats what YOU do pick on young kids!

I have decided YOUR office is where MY next picket is going to be and YOU have decided IT for me, with YOUR 'GUNG HO' Keep Scientology Working at ALL cost.

Ain't going to tell you when I am coming...but expect me in the near future...I ain't ever going to forget your FACE A YEAR AGO, just after was the face of a scientologist...not everyone understands this...but I DO!


  1. With you all the way Sharone. Hodkin might think he's managed to hide behind the daughter he is prostituting for cult brownie points but we know better x

  2. Thanks, you are absolutely correct, we do know better.