Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Man pushes peanut around the decks of the Apollo

Sounds bizarre doesn't it? Totally incredible, how could this possibly of happened in real life? And even I find it hard to believe because so many adults stood to attention and watched this happen on board the Apollo in early 1969 to mid 1969, I might be a bit off on dates, but I am not far off.

Have you ever seen people overboarded daily?This is 1968, and I can still see that woman overboarded and I can still hear her screams as she went overboard...but that doesn't matter does it, as long as the tech is kept pure...

Have you ever seen a woman brought up from a dark dank place and humiliated in front of a "party" on LRH's birthday? Have you ever seen a kid locked in a chain locker? Have you ever been a kid locked in the hold? Have YOU ever been told you will go meet your beloved parent , only to find they had NOT been there for months...months and you think because you read it in a newspaper this was from May, but actually it was from March of 1969, and in actuality I had not seen him since January 1969. Three months of Power Processing turns an ordinary human being into a f*cking vegetable in Scientology.

And then on ESMB this f*cking bulldozing freezoner turns up and says "perhaps the anons should do a reenactment of the peanut incident" or words to that effect and I wish I had the time and patience to find that quote, but I don't! I won't, because I don't need to, I know what I know and they have done a top notch job of being in with the "IN" crowd. Anons, recent defectors, long term critics and "ex" CMO, but they DON'T fool me.Not at all. I saw them for what they were right from the beginning and I continue to believe this, I will NOT be stunted or made little of because Scientology thinks it knows better than the ordinary person, ever.

And... the freezoner/Indie says ... I have protested along side anons at every single protest...yeah, right!

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