Sunday, 25 August 2013

One upon a trime...

LRH had an was the truth...totally the truth and nothing but the truth...Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Engram, a posited memory trace that remains after a moment of pain and unconsciousness. Hubbard didn't coin this word; it can be found in Webster's, and is part of the ISV, the International Scientific Vocabulary.  

LRH had an experience at the dentist under gas, god knows what gas but it turned his world upside down and ALL his followers had to follow suit.( which is what they gave you back in the 60s and even early 70s.) My Father misguided as he was by LRH's experience at the dentist refused to let me go to a dentist. I was an un knowing little kid. And when in the Sea Org, you were not allowed to see a dentist. When I got out of the Sea Org I was sent to a dentist by my step Mother, it was probably the only good thing she did for me, but I had to have 17 major fillings, and I mean major. My teeth have been the bane of my life because of this belief in Scientology that LRH propagated throughout his adherents.

There's his "engram" and also OT 111, an out of body experience.

When I was 15 years of age I lived in Horely for a while and had to visit the dentist. They said we are trying out a new thing, I will give you a small amount of gas. My Father had told me at the tender age of eight you are not going to the dentist if they are going to give you gas and I was never taken because of this. I was scared but I had tooth ache, do what you will, your the experts is what I thought. It is probably the only time I have ever gone to the dentists and come out laughing, I was giggling, on a high, they gave me laughing gas - highly recommended. Never, ever had that experience again, ever.

So LRH obviously had a problem with dentists, he also had a problem with psychiatrists because he spent time in a psychiatric hospital, he also had a problem with the fact that he was adopted, quite sad really, but he managed to turn this around to his advantage and turn it back on his followers.

It is a little bit like Jesus saying " I died because of all your sins"...

I will never forget my first 'church' experience after leaving the Sea Org and being put in an correctional home.

This 'vicar' stood on his pulpit and started shouting about blasphemy and how you would end up in the pits of hell.I was absolutely mortified. I'd left one fucking nutter and sent to another. That was when I knew I was going to be my own person.

And I will continue to be so, but what about the children...and I am told time and time again, people can believe whatever they want to believe, yeah but if you bring children up to believe whatever it is you want to believe, where, oh where does it end up?

And to this day, scientologist children have these very disproportional ideas of what real life is all about.

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