Sunday, 25 August 2013

Papa Americano

When I look back at my life, and try to find some inspirations, one of them has to be the MAA (Master at Arms) Ethics Officer on the Apollo. He could play piano like no other. He was amazing! He was also a son of a bitch when it came to overboarding people, which he did daily on board the Royal Scotman/Apollo. He rattled his batton around the doors of CMO, crew, Officers every single day for compliance, and he got it.

This is very difficult for me, you have NO idea how difficult this is for me. No idea at all. Deep down I don't think he was a bad man...

He hung himself.

And I struggle with this day to day!

To this day I still struggle with this...and there are people that were there and will NOT talk about this...I shredded my Ethics chit into tiny little pieces and flushed them down the toilet on board the Apollo..Goran wanted me overboarded...I was so OUT ETHICS.

LRH did NOT like being outsmarted by a little fucking where's that in the isn't! And it  NEVER will be ... will it, Co$ you can't have little kids going around out smarting LRH can YOU?

But I did and I am here, and I will NOT stop talking about it...and I will be ignored  and I will be vilified and classed as yet another nutter, but I will NOT stop.

He hung himself!

The MAA On the Apollo hung himself, WHY?

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