Thursday, 22 August 2013

Well I just got back from work and I looked at ESMB and this post reminded me of something...

Sea Org Recruiting Video

On board the Apollo... No body could interfere with some one in an auditing session, except of course LRH. He would send you to get somebody and of course they were in an auditing session. Nobody was allowed to interrupt this session. So you stood outside the door and peered in through the port hole, until the auditor spotted you. Once spotted, the auditor knew he had to end session pretty quickly, because the Commodore said so. Us Messengers were known, and if we we spotted peering in through port holes, the session had to stop because you were wanted immediately by the Commodore. It might have taken a while but you just stood there staring through the port hole until the session ended and the auditor came out to see what you wanted.They always came out eventually because that is the kind of power you had. You were a Commodores Messenger and no body messed with you. I was 11/12 years bizarre! How very bizarre!

I can't remember who it was I interrupted the sessions of, we are talking over 40 years ago, but I remember quite vividly staring through that port hole. The auditor ending session and coming out to see what I wanted.The Commodore wanted to see right now. That was the kind of hold the Commodores Messengers had over the crew, the auditors, the entire establishment. They were LRH enforcers. I have NEVER seen it quite so clearly as I do NOW!

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