Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Was L. Ron Hubbard ahead of his time? He must of been he taught COB this...USCOHWB, although I can't find it any where in the scientology glossary or any other glossary, it must be COB's own new tech

When you look at todays world of text messaging and how everything is abbreviated and we are all supposed to know what it means, but do we? Not all of us do, I hasten to add, I mean I can do a LOL or a btw, or 2 or U or bbl or even BFF but beyond that I don't have much of a clue...

I mean how many people know COB means Close of Business, I have always known it as Chairman of  Board - David Miscavige, the Board being the RTC - Religious Technology Center AKA as Cof$ - church of American Dollars.

Hubbard always did like to abbreviate things...SH - Saint Hill, GO - Guardians Office, WW - World Wide, FLB -Flag Land Base, there's literally hundreds of them, but there's one that really gets to me every time I see it.Someone's blog I read frequently uses it, but I think that's made in jest, at least that's how I see it.I have had it in e-mails and seen it on GO orders and that is ML - Much Love.

Strange concept, especially when seen on GO documents, I have never seen it any where else, only from scientologists. Now there's a little bit of food for thought...

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