Friday, 30 August 2013

I am really, really upset tonight...

I am in the midst of a conversation about Jimmy Saville...and it has so many parallels with L. Ron many you would not believe...and I am crying now, I am trying so hard not to but I am...and I am crying writing this but I am so trying not to...

Why would someone talk about this 40 years after the fact, why not talk about it then, so stupidly I say what if you were severely threatened? Wrong thing to say. Ignored.Talked over. Where does it ever say they were threatened, it does NOT! Yeah, but what if YOU were?Ignored, talked over. One friend, a very good friend said "let Sharone speak", Ignored, talked over.

I had a similar conversation with another group of friends a couple of months back "why do you wait 40 years to speak out?" But what If you were severely lied to and told NO ONE WOULD EVER BELIEVE YOU and it was SO FAR FETCHED, NO ONE WOULD EVER BELIEVE YOU?

The rails and rants went on to include 14/15 year old groupies who would have slept with anything because they were famous...that might of been the case in many was not mine...i was 11 years old and locked up in the Apollo's hold...silly little thing when you re 11 years old, even sillier when you are 12 years old...because of course you know everything, don't you?

You have just signed a billion year contract, you must be a fucking CLEAR, aren't you? I am ten, what the fuck am I signing?

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