Sunday, 4 August 2013

Are YOUR parents gay?

I know some people might think this is an odd thing to be bringing up here but there is a connection...please bear with me.

When I was in my teens-mid 20s I read The SUN newspaper, all these years later I know youths read The SUN, even my youngest daughter reads The SUN. I had young people come up to me in my workplace and say "hey, I could not believe I read about you in paper, this was The Sun. Young people read The SUN.

 I had always said the last place I want to be written about in is The SUN, but David Lowe of The SUN wrote about me, and it hit me, these are my audience, young people, the ones I want more than anything NEVER to get involved in a CULT, it is NOT good for YOU! It destroys your life.

I like young people, I know many and they are lovely, at heart I am still very young and I think I am so because when I was very young I missed so much because of my upbringing, I missed so much because of Scientology - it brings you down, takes the joy out of life.

Please bear with me...

When I was picketing in Brighton...a few years ago now, I had this strange young boy come up to me and started questioning me on what I was doing. Initially, and I am still not sure, I thought he was an OSA OP( Office of Special Affairs Operation). It was like, he was trying to get me off what I was doing which was spreading 'ENTHETA', a scientology term for bad news against Scientology, that IS what I was doing and I did continue to do so, but he stumped me a bit by telling me his problems...

His problems were he had a Mother and Father, but they split up and then suddenly he had two Mothers, they were Lesbian...he was struggling to come to terms with this and it made him feel bad, I genuinely felt bad for him, he did seem genuine, regardless of my thoughts about OSA.One of my vulnerabilities are children, I was one once and Scientology really fucked me over, big time.But what does Scientology do, it presses YOUR buttons, time and again. I was in a real what did I do? I suggested he contact Social Services and possibly Help Line which might be able to help him... I knew I was of NO help because I had never come across this situation to deal with it???

Looking back on this I see glazed eyes, which reminds me of scientologists or was it someone severely depressed? It reminds me of an older youth at Narconon Hastings last year. Actually, thinking about it, could have been the same youth, just a few years later. Similar looks, similar glazed eyes.

It reminds me of one of my step Mothers years ago and her friends and Derek Field.

It also reminds me of an elderly lady who used to catch my bus a lot, we always said "hello", but that's about as far as it went, she also had these glazed eyes and when she was finally packed of to a retirement home in Scotland and I started telling people about me, it turns out she was a scientologist.Always thought she was a bit strange, but never got the connection, because hey, how the hell do these people still survive?Turns out there was another one just a few hundred feet away, but she died just a couple of years ago.

I know there is at least one other one, possibly more, but I think they are a dying breed, here in Pett, Thank God for that! And I will Thank GOD, for there is NO GOD in scientology. Just L. Ron Hubbard.

In Hastings, in The John Logie Baird, they have this wall placard that says in not so many words Liars of Hastings,every time I see it, I want to add L. Ron Hubbard and Narconon.

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