Friday, 30 August 2013

Big problem...i think I am rollercoastering

PTS...SP Thats think from my previous post I am not upset, I still am, but, hey I can and will move forward...

here we have thuganetics

Please read Mike Rinder's blog and also Marty Rathbuns, I won't provide a link because hey, you guys are the authority aren't you? You know everything, but you tell so very little...You are a big hit on Channel 4, oh yeah!And you are living it up on Tony Ortega 's blog, oh yeah! And Mark Bunker thinks you are brilliant!So does Terril Park, now there is one up manship for you...

Is that right that your family disconnected from you Mike Rinder? Don't worry about it. It's happened to hundreds of of us in our past lives...and where were YOU Mike Rinder disconnecting people?

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