Saturday, 10 August 2013

L. Ron Hubbard...

I am going to start with this...L. Ron Hubbard wanted to prove a point... and he did so by getting someone to push a peanut around with his nose, on decks of the Apollo.

Now what kind of man is that?

A humanitarian?

Humanitarians everywhere get people to push peanuts around the decks of a ship, don't they?

And he's a fucking Genius isn't he?

I'm not sure we are talking about L. Ron Hubbard here...I think we are talking about Teril Park and his sycophants...Channel 4 and Marty and Mike Rinder.... and karen de la carriere...

I am going to keep at this till my dying day, You do know this don't YOU!

And he's a fucking genius? Really?

Whilst on the decks of the APOLLO, this really happened! I saw this and it was NOT like said in the books.

Just like the recent Lawrence Wrights book, how fucking wrong can you be, you give the majority of the truth , but you also give the biggest goddamned lie and people believe you. Fuck OFF!

I know exactly where this came from, the age of 11 years old, I sussed this out. Sadly you did NOT!

I am upset, I am pissed off and I am angry!

I am 11 years old,I am on board the Royal Scotsman, later to be renamed The Apollo, to suck up to the Greek Corfiat community...I am stuck in the hold of the ship in a condition of Liability for talking to Greek boys...what a catastrophe...what a Liability?Fucking communist!

Her Father is a communist too, he's  007, also known as James Bond.

He put money in these Swiss bank accounts, well we can't possibly talk about that, can we?

Why is it, Hana Eltringham, young kids stuck in the hold has NEVER come up in your affidevit, could it be you are culpable? Think about that?

I am sitting here, in the hold of the ship...and I am wondering about your smiling face...WHY have You left so much out?

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