Friday, 6 July 2012

Narconon, Hastings Today.

Today I had a little reccie around Albany Road, St. Leonards on sea, the home of Narconon based at Caple ne Ferne. For some time I have liked to keep an eye on what is going on and today I was not disappointed. Caple ne Ferne, 2 Albany Road, St. Leonards on sea has now got a planning notice up outside the building. Detailing conversion into two dwellings. Upon further investigation the giant yellow skip parked outside the building and the various broken windows that have been boarded over, it apparently seemed Narconon had moved out.

It wasn't until I went around the corner to 40 Pevensey Road, a building which backs onto Caple ne Ferne, I noticed several individuals chucking furniture, and office equipment out of the building. I called one young man over for a chat, to find out what was going on. After a lengthy conversation of denial and excuses for his co workers being there, he finally admitted Narconon UK was still operating in full capacity from 40 Pevensey Road, St. Leonards on sea.

Initially the young man said he was just clearing the place out, to which I replied  "Did Narconon still own the property," to which he replied, "they only leased it". Continuing the conversation, the young man said he had dealings with Narconon in the past and gave an account of the good success rate of Narconon of which was an 80% success rate and all the good things they had done. At this point I realised the poor kid was completely brainwashed and told him I had grown up in Scientology as a young child with L. Ron Hubbard on the ships and his reply was "Oh WOW!" and I continued to say I
would not rest till all Scientology and it's front groups like Narconon were shut down. I asked him what he knew about David Miscavige, he gulped and stuttered " not very much but I know of him" to which I answered that he should find out about David Miscavige, because he Is a nasty piece of work.  The young man's eye's had glazed over and I realised the conversation had come to an end. In leaving number 40 Pevensey Road, the young man walked away and I noticed he pulled his mobile out of his pocket so I made a hasty retreat knowing that Narconon was still in full operation in Hastings.

While I was at it, I popped over to Bexhill on sea to check out The Hubbard's Dianetic Center at Charter House, not much to see unfortunately except the usual men inside the office had been replaced by three women, all busily going through files.I wonder who's?

I also had a quick visit to 'The Lookout', a supposed mission, that's a house that looks like a chapel. Further scrutiny revealed it isn't just one building but two houses. I have written about this before and my major concern is that it is directly around the corner from Bexhill College.

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