Monday, 23 July 2012

Held for Months in Scientology 'Reform' Prison.

BI: Tell us how you ended up being held against your will.

The Gold Base HQ in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, Calif.
SH: My wife and I had only been there [the church's HQ] a year. We got there in 1989. She was an ethics officer, basically in charge of correcting people's ethics. David Miscavige was creating an environment of fear and intimidation by intentionally misapplying the subject of ethics in Scientology. I told her that. She apparently told others what I said, so I got assigned one morning. The executive director/international came into my office [with some other people] and said I had to come with them. They told me I had to go with them to another building. They brought me into a room and they told me I was going to be assigned to the "Rehabilitation Project Force." It's basically, originally, a corrections program designed to avert having to fire people. Let them get fixed up and they can go back to their jobs. But under Miscavige it became a gulag.

I was escorted into a van and we were driven down  to Los Angeles. I had $3 in my pocket and I didn't have a toothbrush, nothing. I was escorted down into the basement of the blue buildings in Hollywood. Down there in the basement is where the RPF is based. I was assigned somebody to watch me, to make sure I didn't try to take off. I was given some hand-me-down, raggedy-ass clothes to wear and told to get to work.
It's hard manual labor during the day, and in the evening you had five hours to rehabilitate yourself.

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