Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jive Aces in Olympic Bid

The Jive Aces are playing in Victoria Park stage on Monday 30th of July at 3pm and again on the 7th August at Victoria Park stage.

This swing band of the Sea Org is promoting their 'say no to drugs campaign on behalf of the notorious Narconon, a front group for Scientology.

Meet Shelly, daughter of Peter Howell, drummer for the Jive Aces and see what life in Scientology is really like for their children.Never mind 'say no to drugs' which although a good slogan, is used to get people into scientology, so what about 'say No to abusing children', Peter Howell?

From Angry Gay pope on OCMB:

The world’s top athletes will compete for the Olympic Gold Medals in twenty-six different sports, including swimming, gymnastics, basketball and wrestling.
Such big events unfortunately attract criminals and can create an unsafe environment.

Therefore, considering that 80% of the reported crimes in England are drug-related, the IAS has just approved a grant to fund the distribution of half a million copies of The Truth About Drugs booklets around the Olympic Games sites primarily in London, Birmingham and Manchester. In each city, volunteers will hit the streets to distribute the booklets. The grant also covers T-shirts and jackets for the volunteers as well as Truth About Drugs banners.

The Jive Aces will travel around London on a double decker bus playing on the upper deck and attracting attention. The bus will be draped with Truth About Drugs banners. Visitors can come inside the bus where they can get The Truth About Drugs booklets and sign the Drug-Free Pledge.

The grant also makes possible the involvement of former Olympians who will be promoting the Truth About Drugs campaign.

The Summer Olympics in England is an opportunity to get the Truth About Drugs message to millions of people and make a real change for the future.

The Truth About Drugs campaign and this special distribution of materials during the 2012 Olympics are made possible only through your support of the IAS.

This campaign is all about getting people to promote Scientology and Narconon unwittingly.

Waging War on Peace:

Life can be a lot more fun if your not in the Sea Org also.

As of writing this rehab center is being stripped bare and turned into two dwellings per planning permission. Narconon's lease is up, but they still have 40 Pevensey Road, next door.

For more about Scientology's Narconon read here:

I resided at this rehab for a total of 8 months , they have no money to feed the students there bastards who scam people - They couldnt give two hoots whether you complete the course or not, there is no hot water, the house is falling to bits and the majority of the time students are forced to entertain themselves as they are left on there own for long periods of time, this causing problems and risks of relapse - there is no official security- although it is frowned upon students are not supposed to leave the premises at any given time however it is easy for students to run out and get drugs ( within a 2 minute walk ) on London road, - they also have listening devices fitted in and around the house so they can spy on you and commonly encourage you to admit to situations which didnt arise through your own doing (these are called overts and they believe that if someone commits (an overt) then they will want to leave because they feel they cannot focus and be on course) again this is crazy, furthermore narconon do not recognize medical issues, and give students dangerous amounts of niacin (upto 5000g) the reccomended amount from a chemist is maximum 500g - not one member of staff is medically qualified in any way shape or form, also on arrival to the centre you will be kept locked off from the rest of the patients for anytime from 1 days to 6 weeks - during this horrendous and scarring time you are not allowed to contact your loved ones or family, also they dont believe you can just become ill they believe there is a reason for it.... they target the weak and the vulnerable and once they have hold of you, it takes alot to get out of their, they try brainwashing you and taking you to scientology conventions down the road in east grinstead and continuosly try to extort money from the paying bearer for the persons in the rehab - DONT BE FOOLED PEOPLE!

See also my recent post here:

For much more on Narconon read :

Scroll down to see the Jive Aces with Tom Cruises brother in law, Greg Capazorio,President Criminon, International, the front group sister to Narconon.

The Jive Aces promote Narconon vigorously.

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