Saturday, 28 July 2012

Norman Starkey- yes I am talking to YOU

When are YOU going to man up?

YOU knew me and my family, you know YOU are talking SHIT! 100 hundred times over,YOU going to continue? How much money are YOU earning for this crock of SHIT?

OR are YOU being degraded, like everyone else, slapped, punched, kicked like every one else who speaks out about the abuses conflicted on so many people by LRH?

And, Janis Gillham Grady, I have got your number! And I will not let it go.

There are kids out there in major conflict.How many Alexander Jentzsche's do you want on your conscience?  

DO you actually know what IT means? I was locked up once,we both were Janis on the ship above, remember, and it was more than enough.I gather it happened to YOU more than once, hardly surprising, under the circumstances.I understand you will regret the day you ever spoke to me, but there IS no going back now! Can YOU find it in YOUR conscience to speak up now. David Miscavige has NO hold over anyone, EVER!

He is but a figment of YOUR imagination.

So IS Scientology!

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