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Tony Ortega reviews Marty Rathbuns book.

Breaking away from the "church" of Scientology:
Reading Marty Rathbun's manifesto.

My two favorite comments:

Originally posted by Vistaril:

Hi Marty.
Get well soon.
Love Vistaril.

Originally posted by Skippress:

That's the best article I've ever seen from you on the subject, Tony. A little review of the history of Hubbard and $cientologists might be in order.

1. Hubbard's own family history is horrific. All his children ended up, more or less, either dead or a mess. His last wife went to prison for him over breaking into government offices, which was his idea. Then he abandoned her. LRH Jr. revealed the real "Ron" on drugs, constantly plotting, crazy - until $cientology bought him off to shut him up.

2. He aimed to take over psychiatrist with Dianetics. The national association rejected it and thereafter, he turned them into the greatest enemy of mankind - in his mind - throughout endless millennia of imagined space opera history.

3. He aimed to convince the Buddhists he was the reincarnated Buddha arrived in the west with his "Hymn of Asia." When they rejected it, he set it aside, only to have it revived in the 70s by Bruce Bishop, a very talented artist, and turned into a book that revived the "Ron was Buddha" notion yet again. This was propagated quietly by Yvonne Jentzsch, who had some people (like Christopher Keogh, who put on plays at Celebrity Centre on 8th Street) thinking Yvonne had been Bodhidharma in a past life (the originator of Zen). Oh, what a tangled web, but not of the gems Buddha envisioned. Bruce and his wife Bonnie started Apple School, which many current $cientologists attended. Their reward? Declared Suppressive and lost the school. Yvonne's reward? Abandoned by Hubbard, died of a brain tumor. Very "OT" stuff.

4. Hubbard was ready to sell out the entire "OT3" Xenu story for the price of $666,000 in the early 80s, again chasing his failed Hollywood dream in the wake of "Star Wars" success. His script "Revolt in the Stars" was filled with illustrations that depicted Xenu as a blatant ripoff of "Ming the Merciless" from Flash Gordon. The script was likely not even written by Hubbard but by Janice Gillham (Yvonne's daughter) and others Sea Orgers. It was rumored he didn't even sign the contract. I read it and thus know the price he would have been paid had the movie gone into production by "A Brilliant Film Company" - bunch of $cientologists whose funding initially came from the spoiled wastrel grandchildren of the Coleman lantern fortune, Bob, Cooper, and Becky Rounds. In short, had the movie been made, Hubbard would've sold out his biggest "prize" for Hollywood glory and (he hoped) George Lucas-like profits.

5. If the state of OT is so wonderful, how is it you get unbelievable human tragedies one right after another? No one was more highly trained than Karen de la Carriere (Jentzsch) and she the last one by Hubbard apparently, and look how her life ended up, and that of her husband and son. Look at the endless trail of human wreckage - so many women OTs who die of cancer including the first OT7, Bettie Filisky of Dallas. My own long-time friend Rose Goss, who got into $cientology believing she was a reincarnated horse, BFF with Nancy "Bart Simpson" Cartwright, dies at age 53 of a heart attack. That's an OT8? No, thanks. I was at a party on Saturday night (Karen was there) and there were people who spent a lot more time getting auditing than I did who are fighting cancer. Is there a connection? I think so, but that's a subject for another discussion. The fact is - OT should stand for Over the Top - like diving in a volcano filled with glycol way over.

6. The state of Clear - Hardly anyone ever brings up that at some point you're told (actually, you cognite - realize) that you're simply "mocking up" (mentally creating) your own reactive mind. Gee, thanks, Ron, why didn't you say that earlier? I don't know if they still do the Sunshine Rundown just as you're becoming Clear, but here's what it consists of - walking around and looking at stuff. Seriously, that's it. I remember doing it and the world seemed peaceful and glowing. I got the very same, even better, much better actually, in one morning's practice of qi gong exercises out of a book I read.

7. Hubbard's biggest tool - other than lunatic bullshit - was hypnotism. Marty apparently doesn't realize that or - my guess - he ignores it, because his ultimate goal is a flanking movement to wrest the "church" away from the clever evil dwarf and be seen as the Martin Luther of $cientology. Lot of money in that, if anyone could pull it off.

8. And there is it - Dianetic$ and $cientology was only ever all about money for Hubbard, and that's what it's all about right now for Miscavige - other than the vicious smug satisfaction that evil people like them get, thinking they have absolute control over other's lives.

9. And one final note - Hubbard sold for a long time in $cientology a pamphlet called "Brainwashing" by Beria - supposedly the secrets of communist Russia mind control. A warning to mankind, you see, good ole beneficient Ron just helping out, doncha know. Except "Beria" (sounds like, bury ya) was none other than Hubbard himself, and those techniques didn't come from Russia. Get a clue, $cientologists, wherever you are.

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