Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Karen De la Cariere talking about her son, Alexander Jentzsch, who recently died in unusual circumstances whilst disconnected from her.


Scroll down to last post.I would make one amendment to Karen's post and say  "but the last 60 years of secrecy is because of the culture...."David Miscavige is running Scientology on L. Ron Hubbard's policies. 

Even though the "Church" of Scientology pretends that one of the most effective therapeutic disciplines is getting off one's transgressions, secrets, witholds, ~~ in actual fact

Sea org members are forced to withold every part of their lives from non Sea Org members.

This means their parents, their closest relatives, siblings, anyone outside the Sea Org must never know what goes on within the Sea Org.

Keep it secret
Keep it hush hush.
Keep it in lock down.

The Church's good PR is senior to the Sea Org members right of free speech and good mental health.

There was so much Alexander could not tell me because it is Iron Clad Law within the Sea Org not to reveal what goes on inside.

One day, Alexander let his hair down and told me about an incident that occurred when he was 12 years old, cleaning toilets, mopping floors and vacuuming carpets at the Fort Harrison in Clearwater while getting no schooling. He only felt comfortable telling me this because the perpetrator had fled the Sea Organization and was declared Suppressive Person.

By the way I do take full responsibility for raising him as a 2nd generation Scientologist.
The only reason they grabbed him for slave labor in the Sea org was with bribery of how he would have more time with his father, and would be rewarded by permitting a father/son relationship. It never happened.

One cruel example of RTC indulging in superiority and bullying is the incident of the RTC Rep at the Flag Land Base in 1995 who decided to target my son Alexander Jentzsch — 12 years old at the time.  Alexander was not permitted to go to school, but instead  was used for janitorial duties 12 hours a day in child slave labor.  Alexander cleaned toilets and the lobby of the Fort Harrison and all the grimy back staircases and service entrances behind the galley in violation of child labor laws.

Alexander told me the story years later. The RTC Rep was a young Miscavige bully who would place his face one inch away from Alexander’s face and say:

"You  WANT  to hit me, don't you?"

"You want to strike me, but you are too chicken"

"You would love to punch me in the jaw in retaliation, but you do not have the guts, sissy!"

Alexander Jentzsch would say quietly "No Sir, I do not want to hit you," while looking down at the floor.  

Why this RTC Rep had it in for Alexander, why these bizarre episodes occurred, I do not understand. But in the Sea Org you dare not write a Knowledge Report on RTC. And this "RTC Rep" knew that Alexander was orphaned in Clearwater because his Ex- Sea Org mom was 3,000 miles away in Los Angeles and his father Heber was incarcerated by DM and put on slave labor, steam-cleaning the engines of buses from morning till night.

Alexander could not report this child abuse. Alexander could never be critical of a DM’s appointment of an RTC thug. Only years later after the RTC REP blew and was declared, did Alexander feel "safe" telling me about the incident.

Alexander did not feel safe for many years in sharing how he was abused and harmed. When a felony was committed on him, he was ordered to not speak about.   This is symptomatic of the single biggest problem inside of the cult. Whistleblowers are now emerging, but the last 25 years of secrecy is because of the culture...total secrecy of what occurs within the Sea Organization and heavy penalties for revealing what goes on inside. There is extreme abuse, extreme cruelty, heavy penalties of cleaning areas that engineering equipment should only clean, and this is routinely assigned to "Sea org members". Because it is so draconian, so medieval, so crushing and over the top, it is understandable that what happens in the Sea org must stay in the Sea org.


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