Saturday, 28 July 2012

Wall of Fire - Gerard Ryan- What a Load of Bollox!

Where do I begin... Is this guy for real...?

I am amazed you got this interview! Is it some kind of joke or is it for real? I am holding up my hands here in shear amazement. This guy is NUTS!

But that IS Scientology!

It's the done deal!

It IS f**king crazy, always has been.

Did you ever meet L. Ron Hubbard?

So Scientology damaged me as a child, but only Scientology can help me with that?

Are you kidding me?

Ding Ding, Dong!

And and and and and....

Where are you, Tommy?

It's only true if you believe it to be true!


Maybe the self inflicted punishment is the punishment of WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!IN THE NAME OF SCIENTOLOGY!

YOU have spoken to WORLD Leaders, so speak to them again and, and and TELL THEM YOU GOT IT WRONG!

Where's YOUR integrity now?

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