Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Scientology's Shame.

Karen de la Carriere stuns KFI Radio.


Skippress comments again: He has my vote for commentator of the year award.

"Like a KGB where everybody reports on everybody else." Great statement. They're called Knowledge Reports and they can be powerful in their use against someone. They can be used much like the "Schnellbriefs" from the office of the Reichsfuhrer-SS of the Nazi party in World War II. It's like this - http://www.archives.GUB/iwg/declassified-records/rg-319-army-staff/ (replace with gov )

When enough KRs are accumulated someone can be given a Court of Ethics and that might lead to an investigation from the Hubbard Communications Office, Division 1 of the Organization Board. Then someone can get a Committee of Evidence which is held by three members (with witnesses called and KRs read) and someone's entire spiritual future can hang in the balance (according to $cientology). They can be given "lower ethics conditions" in descending order from Liability, Doubt, Enemy, Treason, Confusion. Each of these have "formulas" (steps) to do to get out of them up up to the next. For Confusion it's "Find out where you are" and Enemy "Found out who you really are" etc.
See http://www.cs.cmu.YUK/~dst/Library/Shelf/wakefield/us-11.html (replace with edu )

Or as the ultimate control tool, they can be declared a Suppressive Person and kicked out of $cientology with their only recourse being steps A to E. It really doesn't matter much what those are, it's all about $cientology making you do what they want. Your "only terminal" (contact) is someone like the "International Justice Chief" if you've been so offensive they only want you dealing with the ultimate "justice authority" at some place like Flag in Clearwater, Florida. Obviously, this would cost you a lot of expense, going there, waiting your turn, doing "amends" etc. Or it could be the local Master-at-Arms (MAA) at another organization (i.e. $cientology "church").

It's all just a giant bullshit game to get you to toe the line because you think your entire spiritual future as a being is on the line. Here's a recent example that might require a $cientology dictionary to decipher but you'll get the picture -

http://www.scientology-cult.KOM/mike-and-betsy-reppen.html (replace with com )

Only catch here is, Karen is an "independent $cientologist." That's too bad. Anything and everything being used against $cientologists by the organization today, whether it's executives in "The Hole" (which is just a form of the Rehabilitation Project Force Hubbard created) or the disconnection policy that separated Karen from her son Alexander, was developed and used THOROUGHLY AND CONTINUOUSLY by L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard on the ship Apollo would have old ladies (literally) thrown overboard in morning ceremonies in front of the crew because they flubbed in some auditor (counselor) training. He had kids put in chain lockers. You name it, good ole "Ron" came up with it. He CREATED the entire "ethics" insanity. This is a man who was a bigamist, constantly on the run from the law, who let his own wife go to federal prison for breaking into government offices - his idea - in "Operation Snow White." It goes on and on. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was THE #1 SUPPRESSIVE PERSON of $cientology.

David Miscavige and his current Nazi/KGB like operation is simply an exploitation of the "ethics technology" created by Hubbard that I've given you a sample of above. There's no separating a rotting fish from its long-dead head - the whole thing stinks and should be buried.

Thank you, Skip. 

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