Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Katie Holmes should be nervous about Tom's sister visiting Suri

Capazario, a long time Scientologist who runs one of their sketchier activities, Criminon. (This for the indoctrination of prisoners in jails.) These people are hardcore in the cult, and not exactly the sort of people who would tread lightly around poor little Suri. Cass Mapother’s first husband took Scientology courses 20 years ago before he left her. Their child remained behind (just like Cruise and Kidman’s kids) and became a serious Scientologist. Cass Mapother was seen in pictures yesterday at the Greenwich Hotel bearing gifts of toys for Suri. Caveat emptor, Suri.

Even though Katie Holmes has enrolled Suri in a Catholic school, let’s never forget Tom’s exchange with Diane Sawyer. To wit; there are Catholic Scientologists and Jewish Scientologists. “But we,” Tom said, “are Scientologist Scientologists.”

Scientologist Scientologists, they are the worst kind.

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