Monday, 30 July 2012

Science or a Scam?

Scientology's E-meter, the machine that you are lead to believe can read your thoughts. As a child it was the all knowing GOD, knowing what you were thinking, when you were hooked up to the cans.

Knowing this and believing this can make you literally terrified when you are a young child, especially when you are trying to leave and you don't want them to know you will not be coming back. You don't just walk away from Scientology's Sea Org, you didn't in 1967 and you don't now. Not much has changed in Scientology's pseudo science fiction. If you can get grown adults to believe in this nonsense, what hope for a child? Until, like many of us kids found out the hard way, this machine can be lied to, it does NOT know all your thoughts at all.

This contraption is also used to security check people and children as young as 6 years old,and is extremely dangerous when implanting the belief that it knows all of your thoughts.

Scientology advert for Mace Kingsley School admitting they audit babies and children. Sick!

Kids doing the purification rundown:
"She cried and, as she later told a doctor, had not been "in control of her body." She said she had "seen herself from above" and felt like "one who had died." The girl had her father to thank for this "out of body" experience. He is a member of Scientology. Every day he had dragged Dorothea and her brother, one year older than herself, to the Scientology center at Karlsruhe. That is where the children say they took courses and the "Purification Rundown." This torture consists of sweating in a sauna for from three to five hours while swallowing handfuls of vitamins. Finally their grandparents told a children's doctor. "The doctor determined that the girl, at such an age, was being cared for mentally and physically in a wholly inadequate manner."

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