Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Message from Scientology to all bitter Apostates.

Church of Scientology releases response to the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

In the aftermath of the seperation, and subsequent divorce, of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the Church of Scientology has issued the following response to CNN, and "Piers Morgan Tonight":
With respect to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce, the Church has no comment. Please direct any questions to their representatives. This is and always was a private family matter and the Church will continue to respect their privacy.

With respect to your other questions, the Church regrets that excommunicated self-serving apostates are sadly exploiting private family matters to further their hate-filled agendas against their former faith. Having left the Church many years ago, these sources have no current knowledge about the Church and their recollections are distorted by their animosity.

Every religion has its detractors and these stories come at a time of tremendous Church growth. Anyone desiring correct information about the Church can find it on the Church’s website, www.scientology.org, which contains thousands of pages of information and hundreds of videos involving all aspects of Scientology.

Very truly yours,
Karin Pouw
Media Relations
Church of Scientology International



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