Monday, 2 July 2012

I'm Back!

A very quick post about the weekend in Ireland. Wow, what can I say?

It's late and I am very tired, which is why this is a quick post. First and foremost I want to say a huge Thank you to everyone who made this conference in Ireland possible. It was brilliant.Pete Grifiths was the perfect host as I knew he would be, but lets not forget ALL the people behind the scenes of which there were many and they ALL contributed to the best conference ever, working incredibly hard to make sure everything went well.And, it did.

Highlights for me, coming face to face with Gerry Armstrong, wow, I have read about him for five years, am a great admirer and there he was in person and yet he made me feel like I was someone to be admired. Not a patch on you Gerry,ever,and you have NO idea how much it meant to me to meet you in person.His wife, Caroline made the most awesome badges, that she crocheted for him to hand out. WOW!!! Feel the love.

Speaking of LOVE, I finally got to meet David Love and what a pleasure it was, and there is a man, who has Scientology's Narconon front group by the balls.

Now, if someone had said to me even a few short months ago you will meet a relative of L. Ron Hubbard, I never would have believed them, to meet Jamie De Wolf is an experience second to none. He is charming and so full of energy and vitality and to see him perform his slam dunk poetry first hand was an incredible experience, so sorry I didn't actually get to say Goodbye to you properly.

I met with a couple of old friends from the original anonymous protests and that was a great pleasure, including one whom I had lost touch with, great to see you again!

Stephen Jones, finally spoke about his time in Scientology and WOW, what an incredible speaker, you missed your vocation, I am so proud of YOU, you gave an incredible speech. Keep speaking, you are good, real good.

Nefertiti came in like thunder and lightening and so she should, it was one of the first RPF statements I had ever read, it was raw and angry, volatile and cut to the quick, yet the next day at the protest she danced and was fun, yet there is still a burning pain there that will never be forgotten.Nor should it.

John Duignan,it was a pleasure to meet you at last and because of Ireland's appalling weather I have already read two thirds of your book at Dublin airport today. I was going to see the sights, but it was too damned wet and chose to hole up with your book and lots of coffee instead.Glad I did.A magnificent read, and SHAME on the booksellers in England who would not sell YOUR book, THE COMPLEX. WH. Smith and OTTOMANS, next time you plug Neil Gaiman's fantasy's think about the complexity's of growing up in a cult and his Daddy did his best to mar the name of Paulette Cooper, whom did her best to alert the world to a dangerous organization, and for her honesty was indited several times over,brought close to suicide and the intent was to have her incarcerated in prison or a mental institution.For telling the truth about Scientology.

The Phelan family are amazing, in their courage and tenacity they have spent 20 odd years trying to get a loved one out of a cult, which only goes to show the extent of indoctrination in Scientology, this is not the first family I have spoken to who have this problem.Scientology is one of the most ruthless of cults that it is difficult to break away from, and even if you think you have cut ties, YOU have not.

They hold you over a barrel.Hook, line and sinker.They have got you!

I never thought I could find common ground with an Independent, but i did with Samantha Domingo. She's a lovely lady, a lot of fun!I won't profess to understand her friendship with Marty Rathbun or Mike Rinder, because I don't. But I think that is because I see what is not being spoken about and believe me, there is a lot that is NOT being spoken about. A hell of a lot!

Until it is, I cannot and will not condone what these two, M&M are doing.I have listened to a lot of comments over the weekend and i understand completely why people are coming out because these two were such bigwigs in the grand scheme of things, but tell me this, does that make it alright? I don't think so. Sorry, can't go with that.

You have a friend in me Samantha, but i will never be a friend to your two friends until they take  complete ownership of the dreadful lies they are still perpetuating.To this day, about Gerry Armstrong. This man, trod the way for both you and I and I might add, all of us.If it wasn't for him getting LRHs affirmations out, where would we be?

Still thinking LRH couldn't possibly have been a drug addict? How can a Messiah have been a drug addict? Every sane, rational person I have spoken to about this has said exactly the same, he must have been on drugs. And he was. Read the affirmations.

Your young man, Samantha, is lovely, he greeted me like an old friend, yet I did not know him, he had a lot to say, listen to him, he's worth listening to.

Meeting Tory Christman as a friend has to be way the best thing ever, I told her on Sps"r"Us I was disappointed in her and I honestly did not mean it quite the way it came out. Hopefully we have resolved that statement.I just find it very hard to understand a mindset that has been indoctrinated for so many years, not that of Tory, but others that cannot find their way out, regardless of how many "outpoints"show them that this is so utterly and completely wrong.

Gabrielle was one of the most lovely young people one could ever encounter, and I am so glad she found a friend in Mad Hair.What a waste of a lovely and vibrant young person to be lost in a cult.

We started and ended in academics and how appropriate was that, I hope I haven't missed anyone out, if i have, it's because it is late and I am tired, Martin Poulter, I have only just met you, yet you are legend, I have been reading about you for five years now also and Gabriella Coleman your insights on Anonymous are legion. Always worth a read.

This quick post turned out quite lengthy,and to some it up, what a fabulous weekend.

Anonymous, YOU are legend!

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