Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Suri Faces Scientology Inquisition.

From the Sun newspaper :

Kids chosen for induction into the cult are sent to secret military-style “boot camps”.
And clasping an “e-meter” that measures electrical currents in their bodies, like a lie detector, they are asked bizarre questions barked by a Scientology “ethics officer”.

The questions, from the “Children’s Security Check, Ages 6-12,” include:

  • HAVE you ever thought someone was crazy?
  • HAVE you ever decided, ‘Someday, when I’m grown up, I’ll get even’? If so, with whom?
  • HAVE you ever gotten yourself dirty on purpose?
  • HAVE you ever refused to eat just to worry someone?
  • HAVE you ever been mean, or cruel, to an animal, bird or fish?
  • DO you have a secret?
  • HAVE you ever felt ashamed of your parents?
  • HAVE you ever done something to your body that you shouldn't have?
  • WHO have you made guilty?
  • HAVE you ever been a coward?
  • HAVE you ever spied on anyone?
  • HAVE you ever thought someone was crazy? 

  • Every newspaper you pick up has got something about Katie and Suri in it, the timing on Saturday with our conference in Dublin couldn't have been better. It probably won't happen, but I hope by the time this is all over, Katie does a press conference telling of the fears she had of indoctrination of Suri into this bizarre world of Scientology.

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