Thursday, 5 July 2012

David love backed by Big Pharma.

For those of you who don't know what 'dead agenting' is, it's something Scientology does to discredit critics of Scientology and none more so when they are really making a huge impact. David Love is one such man, he's had Narconon in Trois Riviere's, Canada shut down, for practicing medicine without a license, people have died.

These people have compromised livers, they are taken off of their medication and subjected to huge amounts of Niacin, saunas for hours at a time and are required to do Scientology's mental training routine's, TRs to help them communicate and focus.

Fortunately, David has a great sense of humor, unlike Scientology.David Love is a very passionate man about what he does exposing Scientology's Narconon and helping victims of Narconon's quackery.

This is the 'dead agenting' of David Love by Scientology:

David Edgar Love – Narconon Trois-Rivieres Closed – Canada Caught Out!

http://narconontrsecrets [DOT] com/enemies-of-drug-free-living/david-edgar-love-narconon-trois-rivieres-closure-canada-caught-out/

David Edgar Love is proud today to have duped and misled Public Health authorities in the province of Quebec, Canada to bring about the closure of Narconon Trois Rivieres drug rehab program, in April 2012. Upon the closure, websites have sprung up, claiming David Edgar Love to be the “hero” of big pharma.

The main arguments against Narconon in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, by David Edgar Love are that Narconon programs don’t achieve a 70% success rate, and that the Narconon sauna protocol, as developed by L Ron Hubbard is dangerous and unsafe.

The Hubbard method of drug free, human de-toxification using low heat sauna, together with nutritional supplements has been successfully used to detoxify Chernobyl victims, rescue workers at 9/11, and police officers in Utah. It’s scientific basis and efficacy is well established, and proven for many years.

People might well applaud David Edgar Love, and his personal crusade to see Narconon Trois Rivieres wronged and brought down, with the acknowledged assistance of that international organization, of dubious repute, that has links with the enturbulant 4 chan – the Anonymous Group.
People might understandably be confused. Until they learn the facts.

David Edgar Love is now completely discredited. Not the loyal Canadian patriot, born on the West Coast of British Columbia, as represented on his anonymously funded websites, but simply a maverick – a wolf in sheep’s clothing – only too happy to take NarcononTR down, for a fee – and to see Canada caught out.

Where did Narconon students go, upon the closure of Narconon Trois Rivieres – to the safety of CCHSA accredited drug rehab facilities in Canada as you might expect – that use quick detox methods of detox that are dangerous, and the Vermont method of drug detox that is known to be incomplete? Methods that fail to provide the comprehensive drug free support that is essential for complete drug recovery?

No, Canada was obliged to see the residents at NarcononTR, given freedom to make their choice, transferred of their own free will and preference – to Narconon drug rehab centers in the USA – Narconon centers in the USA that follow the traditional Narconon program as developed by William Benitez and L Ron Hubbard.

Canada has been duped into closing Narconon Trois Rivieres on the grounds that it’s methods endanger human safety – while in the USA today – it’s programs are widely lauded and supported. No one in America today is taking David Edgar Love and his claims too seriously – the Narconon program, as practiced by Narconon Trois-Rivieres is widely accepted in the USA – and promoted throughout the world.

In late April 2012, Canada made a decision to effect the Narconon Trois Rivieres closure – at the same time as Narconon International was hosting the highly successful Narconon Executive conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the USA.

The program was well attended by Narconon centers from around the world – except for Narconon in Canada – that was having to deal with “troubles” at home – namely its closure, as the result of the “furore” created by Anonymous member David Edgar Love.

The situation was not improved by the Quebec College of Physicians, having previously withdrawn medical supervision from Narconon students while on the Narconon program, due to the fabricated issues roused up by David Love.

Make no mistake, despite the vociferous “critics”, (that would appear from David Edgar Love websites to be the vested interests that lurk behind big pharma”) mainstream people in America today support, recommend, and wholly embrace the Narconon drug free rehab program and support completely the comprehensive Narconon concept for complete drug addiction recovery, Narconon is at a grass roots level supported in the USA today in New York:

in Texas,
in Florida

is supported by US government in all of the States with a Narconon facility.

Many countries in the world today use and applaud the Narconon method for its effective drug prevention programs, and for complete addiction recovery.

Countries that have fallen into the trap of discounting Narconon as a valid, safe and effective drug detox and rehab method, due to vested interests raising flawed “controversies” about it, have effectively denied this process to be available to their own citizens at a time when drug addiction poses a threat to human health, places a strain on government revenues and would appear to be an ever increasing problem.

Countries, such as the USA, that have not been misled by the “controversy” that has been promoted by the mercenary “hacks” of Anonymous, get the benefit today of the most effective, and complete drug addiction program there is in the world.

Canada and the Quebec College of Physicians have been duped, have acted reactively to the “hype” put out by David Love as the “mouthpiece” of those with a vested interest in seeing “drug free” addiction recovery programs taken down.

If Canada is to regain the standing that it had, as a free thinking, advanced society, that is moving away from drug based addiction recovery, as is the USA – Narconon Trois-Rivieres must be re-opened, and re-opened without delay.
end quote.

We all want drug free recovery programmes, but we don't want Scientology and it's insidious front groups. David Love, go get em!

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