Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Judges are stumped? I am stumped that this has got this far!

Judges stumped over whether Scientology can be ruled religion

 When I was a little girl, I firmly believed if I escaped the Sea Org, LRH and MSH and got back to England, my country, I would be safe.44 years later and these bastards are still at it.

 No wonder Peter Hodkin you gave me such a nasty vindictive smile outside the grounds of St. Hill just over a year ago, remember when you sailed past me in your car, just after I got back from Dublin.

I wasn't born yesterday, I was born in 1957 as I am sure you are well aware. How thick is my file Mr. Hodkin, where's my cease and desist letter Mr. Hodkin, like you sent to ALL of my friends? I can't help but wonder what kind of sec checking Derek Field has undergone because of me. Is he, a very old man on the RPF because of me?Is my sister and her children all on the RPF because of me?

They have ALL vanished off the face of the earth! Maybe they are all in that volcano, you know the one on the biggest selling book of all time, i seem to recall it's called Dianetics - the modern science of mental health.

Ok, so I am auditing myself right now, and I am going back to a moment when I felt 'pain', hmm, now let me see "ah" a moment of pain...well, you see we were talking to these Greek boys and they did not understand English and we did not understand Greek. We spent a couple of hours just trying to learn one anothers names, so we were half an hour late back to the ship, the Apollo, Janis and I were separated and grilled extensively on why we were a security breach?

Then we were put in the hold, two of his Messengers, but he did NOT know anything about it! He knew nothing about it, absolutely nothing! We were missing, absent without leave, LRH knew nothing, absolutely nothing!

LRH was too busy trying to figure out which of the infiltrators of SMERSH had gotten to us... Smersh had infiltrated his Messengers!

So what drugs was LRH on?

Narconon can help him with that, can't it Mr. Hodkin?

My needle is FLOATING! End of Session Mr. Hodkin

Next time we are going to deal with Derek Field's auditing sessions, aren't we Mr. Peter Hodkin? Solicitor of the IAS!

How's your auditing these days Mr. Hodkin? Jesus, is that a ROCK SLAM? Who are YOU PTS too, find that Potential Trouble Source and DISCONNECT IMMEDIATELY!Thats an order, LRH says so!

Planet Earth IS blue and there's nothing I can do...hello a minute...didn't Johnathan Attack already explain this in 'sell them a piece of blue sky', they didn't want to hear and they still don't want to hear and why is That? They would have to admit to fraud!

FRAUD! Jesus, did that also creep out of that volcano? Fraud Feud, or Food ?

When did they feed them? With anything other than LRH's bullshit!

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