Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Scientology's Secret Service

  Chris Owen: "Scientology's Secret Service"
Uniquely for a "religion", the Church of Scientology has since 1955 organised systematic intelligence activities, including on occasions bugging, burglary, forgery, framing, infiltration and intimidation. Such activities are conducted alongside and in support of a sophisticated PR machine which specialises in producing distasteful personal attacks on those perceived as being opponents of Scientology.
These activities have been run through three agencies within the Church of Scientology: the Hubbard Communications Office, or HCO (from 1955-66); the Guardian Office or GO (1966-83), and its successor, the Office of Special Affairs or OSA (1983 to present). These pages expose aspects of all three organisations, the dirty tricks which have been carried out at the behest of Scientology's leaders and the philosophy which lies behind Scientology's extreme sensitivity to criticism.

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