Wednesday, 24 July 2013

OSA(Office of Special Affairs) is "handling me"...

This is Sussex has done this story on Mark Pinchin, OSA handler extraodinaire. I post that The Guardians Office put LSD in a pregnant womans toothpaste and 'This is Sussex' comes up with this 'handling', a scientology term for getting the facts straight, and the facts speak for themselves.  "Church of Scientology saved me from drug hell",  

"Church of Scientology saved me from drug hell," claims...

Both East. Grinstead and Crawley are scientology towns.

Yes, but what did they really do Mark Pinchin? They swapped one drug for another,you get off of crack cocaine but you become a scientologist. You obviously didn't know L. Ron Hubbard! But you do know about Kirstie Alley, right? I can guarantee you won't be laughing right now, but I am!  I know that the supposed interview I did in London that day you stalked me, YES, stalked me, was done by a scientologist. I know that!Believe me, I know it!
Do you remember that day? I ain't likely to forget it. You are sitting there on a bench opposite me on a bench just up the road from the "Dianetics Center" in Tottenham Court Road and YOU are scowling, scowling Mark, and right in my face I have this big chap with a camera right in my face, and I mean right in my face, like 10 inches away. Why has that NEVER appeared on youtube? Or like the time I went to Camden, The Purple Turtle, where did that footage go? Promised I would be contacted, NEVER WAS! BIT like the BBC and Channel $4.  What? You people think I was raised in a CULT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!  I WAS!
Fortunately for me I got myself OUT, my Friends were NOT so lucky, THEY STILL remain trapped to this day!!!

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